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About Us

I believe that all food should be tempting and pleasurable to eat. This is at the heart of how we cook at the Detox Kitchen. First we aim to please the tastebuds then we let the ingredients work their magic on your health and well-being.

These days our bodies work harder than ever to rid us of toxins and protect against the damage and stresses caused by modern life. With increased pollution, frenetic lifestyles and diets high in processed foods, it has become even more important to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies.

We put plant-based whole foods, variety and flavour at the heart of our cooking and we leave out wheat, dairy and refined sugar. And we hope that his makes you feel amazing from the inside out.

Our Suppliers

We only work with suppliers that have the same values as us when it comes to sustainability and quality. We want to know where all our ingredients come from. We want to know that the people, animals and places our food comes from have been treated fairly. We want to source locally grown food wherever possible.

With this in mind, all our vegetables are Grade 1 and 80% are grown in the UK, our fish is sustainably farmed, all our meat is free range from British farmers and we don’t use any preservatives in our food.