Sharing Is Caring
Sharing Is Caring
14th Feb, 2017

It made me so happy waking up to the news on Monday morning that Adele had split her Grammy award for best album in two, giving the other half to Beyonce. Not only because of her album, but for the way she makes her and her friends feel. How she makes them feel empowered. It was such a moving gesture of love and female empowerment, and Queen Bey was surely not the only one reduced to tears. 

Fitting then that this should happen the week of St Valentine's Day. When whether you've got more of a 'no bunch of flowers is big enough' approach, or think it's a Hallmark invention, you cannot escape the big red heart in the room that is the theme of love. But it doesn't have to be about your partner or spending money.

In her lunchtime yoga class at our fitness studio yesterday, instructor Polly James asked us to take a moment and think about five things that were important to us. She then asked us to narrow this down to just three. And people actually surprised themselves with the answers they came up with. Friends might not make that list, you might value a hobby over your job. It was a great exercise to get us to be mindful of what is really important to us, and to try and remember these things in our everyday life. 

So this Valentine's Day, we suggest you take a moment to think about what those three things are that are most important to you, and share some of your love that way. And if food, or love, or even puppy love come up in that list, our Lady and the Tramp Valentine's Courgetti is a real winner. 

Limewood Hotel, cooking retreat and supper club

We are very excited to announce our first ever cooking retreat at Limewood Hotel on January 29th 2016. Lime Wood, a boutique country house, is set in the heart of the New Forest National Park. It is laid-back luxury at its best – the perfect secluded hideaway escape!

The Nutrient Superheroes

We have been looking into our new favourite nutrient powerhouses and how they can benefit the body. our favourites include fermented foods, parsley, turmeric and our favourite...avocado!

Mindful Eating

Will Williams, founder of Will Williams Meditation, teaches us that it is not just what you eat that’s important, it’s also the way you eat. Are you guilty of eating ‘Al desko’ as is so common in our screen-heavy world? Then you may want to rethink your lunch break.

We take away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food.

We’ve curated the best instructors in their field so that we can provide a range of fitness classes at our studio in Fitzrovia.
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