Three Day Detoxes!
Three Day Detoxes!
31st Mar, 2017

Iconic trios include the three musketeers, Charlie’s Angels and Kate, Naomi and Christy circa the 90s. They will, however, have to make room for a new three on the block (or in this case, any London post code), as today sees the launch of our three day detoxes.

This is the perfect, accessible and manageable solution to your pre-holiday panic, your pre-or post-Easter indulgences or simply as a means of tempting yourself out of your pillow fort post yesterday’s triggering of Article 50. In just three days we will have you feeling lighter, brighter and full of energy.

We provide all the food you need for an entire day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and fresh juice. All conveniently delivered to your door daily. Naturally wheat, dairy and refined sugar free meals, made from scratch with no additives or preservatives. Just fresh, healthy and delicious.

Book in now and choose your start date, whether it's this weekend or after that Easter Bank Holiday trip you've got planned.

Crazy For Quinoa

Crazy For Quinoa: It is a powerhouse of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants and contains more of all of these things than any grain.

You Don't Have To Win To Be A Winner

For some, nay most, coming last in a race would be a bit of a downer. But not for Dawn Nisbet. Oh no. Images have gone viral of Dawn crossing the finish line of a park race she took part in last year, of which it took her so long to complete pretty much everyone else had packed up and gone home.

The Nutrient Superheroes

We have been looking into our new favourite nutrient powerhouses and how they can benefit the body. our favourites include fermented foods, parsley, turmeric and our favourite...avocado!

We take away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food.

We’ve curated the best instructors in their field so that we can provide a range of fitness classes at our studio in Fitzrovia.
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