Our Team

Lily Simpson

Founder. Chef. Raider of herb gardens

"You can't." It's amazing (and a little frustrating) how often I've heard those two words in connection with a diet. You can't eat this. You can't have that.

Personally, I can't live in a perpetual state of deprivation. I'm a chef. I wouldn't eat something if it wasn't tasty - so I want to prove that a 'diet' doesn't have to be faddy, unsatisfying and difficult to stick to.

That's why I've developed The Detox Kitchen.  I want to create delicious recipes that are enjoyable, inspiring, filling, good for you and scrape-the-bowl-clean tasty.

My recipes are a product of my travels in Italy, France, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, and much shorter childhood journeys to raid our herb garden. Putting the tastes and textures together in new and exciting ways is a labour of love, but the results are about more than delicious food.

Since I changed my diet I no longer feel low on energy midway through the afternoon. My hair shines. I feel alert. I feel good. That's the power of detox.

If you're like me, and want to get rid of that word 'diet' so you can eat well and feel better, The Detox Kitchen is for you too.

Favourite dish: Roasted chicken thighs with anything!

Favourite detox dish: Butternut squash, beetroot and fennel salad


Harriet Jenkins

Operations manager. Triathlete. Pudding lover

Our Operations Manager has a sweet tooth. Then again, if marathons and half marathons, open water swims and triathlons aren't enough to earn you the occasional sticky toffee pudding, what is?

Harriet is the most organised person in the world. When you awake to find your delicious detox box waiting for you on the doorstep, it's Harriet's logistical brilliance that put it there. Affectionately known as "Parsley" because she's reliable, versatile and you can throw her into anything.

Favourite dish: Sticky toffee pudding with thick custard.

Favourite detox dish: "Sarah's beetroot brownies are way better than any other brownie."


Rob Hobson

Nutritionist. Lecturer. Rocket scientist

A BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition, MSc in public health nutrition and a registered nutritionist with nearly a decade of experience, Rob is the man who ensures all our detox menus deliver everything the body needs.

He runs two successful London based nutrition consultancies and has worked with government agencies, NHS, the food industry

Passionately obsessed with food and the way it nurtures the body, Rob believes that, "Good nutrition should be easy for anyone to achieve with the correct information - it's not rocket science!" (Whenever certain types of lettuce appear in our menus we enjoy pointing out that actually, sometimes it is rocket science).

Rob is a keen athlete, runs insane distances and competes in triathlons.

Favourite dish: Fish pie

Favourite detox dish: Brown rice, avocado and spring onion salad


Jules Miller

Head of business development. Gym bunny. Holiday addict.

Growing up Jules split her time between Chelsea and Colombia, where she'd spend afternoons in her parent's coffee farm eating bananas straight from the trees. Today if she isn't in the office, you'll most likely find her at the gym or casually planning her 100th world adventure. 

With six years advertising experience under her belt, Jules' passion for creative brand campaigns has placed her into the health food market and into the hands of our very own Detox Kitchen. Her love of all foods natural and nourishing means there is never any wastage in the kitchen, particularly with our brownie ends. 

Favourite dish: Medium rare steak with chimichuri and plantain chips

Favourite detox dish: "I love every single dish that comes out of our kitchen, but if I had to choose, I would say Asian spiced coconut and beetroot soup."


Claire Herrick

Head chef. Mama bear. Food fanatic.

Claire is the type of chef who takes a bite out of the world's most perfect cookie and says "hmm...maybe we should add a tablespoon of ground almonds and a splash of almond milk." Her next batch is to die for.

Claire grew up in a small French town near Narbonne. Her earliest memory is leaning over a bubbling stew in her mother's kitchen and asking for the ingredients so she could write them down in her notebook. She trained in Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ireland- where she tended to her own vegetable patch next to the free-range chickens and pigs. It's here where her love of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients originated.

As Head Chef, Claire is a wonderful mixture of both leader and caring mama bear. Always happy to help- whether it's a hungry tummy or a person to confide in- Claire is the one to see.

Favourite dish: "I'm a foodie, so I can't pick one; if I really had to narrow it down, it would be Israeli, Thai...and a really good pizza made from organic ingredients."

Favourite detox dish: "I'm a sweet tooth kind of girl; Lucy, our sous chef's ginger and pear cake is so delicious."


Lucy Cheyney

Sous Chef. Country Bumpkin. Singing Diva.

You will hear her before you see her. Lucy is the life and soul of the kitchen. If she isn't doing her best rendition of an opera classic, you will find her in the fridge looking for secret ingredients for her next recipe...probably in fits of giggles.

Having trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and worked in 2 Michelin-starred restaurants, it is no wonder Lucy's dishes are amongst our Detox Kitchen favourites. Her love of food comes from her countryside upbringing, where she used to watch her dad cook meals from ingredients she had picked earlier that morning.

Favourite dish: "Anything Asian; I adore the rich, spicy flavours and fresh herbs."

Favourite detox dish: "It has to be the broccoli and kale salad with cashew Thai dressing...I literally cannot stop eating this! Way more addictive than any sweet treat for me..."


Jayne Robinson

Deli Manager. True Irish Lass. Shoreditch Lover.

If you have been to our Kingly Street deli you will probably remember two things: the food- and then the bubbly Irish girl who served you. The beloved chatterbox of the Detox Kitchen has a certain way with people, ensuring that every customer she talks to leaves our deli with a smile on their face. 

She's as passionate about nutrition and food as she is about our decor and our customer service. With a background in visual merchandising, Jayne's creative eye has turned our deli into a beautifully presented food haven.

Jayne has 3 main loves in her life: food, Shoreditch and yoga (and perhaps bearded men). Health nut Jayne adopted a healthy lifestyle after reading up on the importance of nutrition, aged 16...and she's never looked back.

Favourite dish: "I spent a few months in South East Asia last year and really found a love for Thai food."

Favourite detox dish: "Our baked aubergine with a side of broccoli and kale salad. The Green Dream is my favourite on-the-run salad."