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Our Packages

Based on the principles of balanced healthy eating, our chefs and nutritionists develop delicious menus that will cleanse your body and ensure you will feel revitalised and energised.

We offer five packages that are all free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar. Our menus work on a 3-week rotation and are changed every season. Each package can be ordered for a minimum of 5 days, but these days don't need to be taken consecutively; you can choose your days. By logging in to the account area you can move your days around as you wish.

1,500 calories providing a rich source of nutrients, made up of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and lean protein. We only use the lean cut of chicken and turkey, and all our meat is sourced from a free-range farm in Norfolk. We also use salmon and prawns and all of our fish is sustainably sourced.
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What's inside the box?
Suitable for...
those who are looking to permanently change their lifestyles for the better. Packed full of energy and nutrients, this package is perfect for those who would like to begin or maintain a healthy diet.
1,200 calories of protein rich whole grains, served with an abundance of legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Our carefully thought out food combinations are there to ensure that this vegan diet is rich in proteins and essential fats from food groups other than animal sources. ... read more
What's inside the box?
Suitable for...
those looking for a plant based diet without the use any animal products. It is high in energy and goodness and includes plenty of snacks to keep you satisfied all day long.

Green with Protein

Starting from
£35.70 per day
1,200 calories with 50g of lean protein. This is an energising combination of free-range lean meats, sustainably sourced fish and green vegetable based foods. ... read more
What's inside the box?
Suitable for...
those wanting a wonderfully cleansing package. Similar to the Green, but with the added benefit of animal protein to help keep you lean.
900 calories of green goodness. A rich source of vitamins and minerals, provided in three green juices and three green vegetable based dishes. This package has been designed to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. ... read more
What's inside the box?
Suitable for...
those wanting the ultimate cleanse. The green, vegetable packed food will do wonders for your skin and fight those sugar cravings.
This 1800-calorie package supplies the perfect combination of nutrients for those leading an active lifestyle, while still leaving you feeling light and well balanced. High in protein, this delicious package is specifically designed to help keep you energised throughout the day, as well as aiding recovery after exercise or a day on your feet. ... read more
What's inside the box?
Suitable for...
Suitable for those who lead a busy lifestyle and for those who exercise regularly. A great package to align your diet to your healthy, active daily life.

All our packages are free from wheat, dairy, refined sugar and any preservatives.

What’s in the box?

As well as your daily supply of fresh, wholesome food, all of our packages also contain the following:
  • A bag of Pukka three mint tea
  • A biocare supplement program
  • A wheatgrass 'shot of the day' - to give your immune system a mighty boost
  • A little pot of tasty nuts and seeds