The Active Detox
The Active Detox
2nd Mar, 2016

The Active Detox has been developed in order to fully support healthy eating and exercise in order to make it as enjoyable, manageable and effective as possible.

What is the Active Detox?

We know that planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals can sometimes be difficult during the week, so we are here to support you by offering healthy meal deliveries. When you fuel your body with good food and regular exercise you will be rewarded with energy, vitality and health. This 1800-calorie package supplies the perfect combination of nutrients for those leading an active lifestyle, while still leaving you feeling light, energised and nourished. High in protein, this package is specifically designed to help enhance your workout and aid your recovery, while still tasting delicious.

Suitable for those who lead a busy lifestyle and for those who exercise regularly. A great package to align your diet to your healthy, active daily life.

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Creating daily rituals with EYM candles.

It's often our daily rituals that can make us the happiest. Creating these rituals can be as simple as lighting a candle every evening, switching of your phone and writing in a gratitude journal. Just five minutes a day can have a very positive impact on your overall mindset.


We spoke to Elizabeth Scarlett to discuss just how important sleep is to your overall wellbeing and she gave us her top tips for winding down and getting the most out of your all-important beauty sleep during these winter months.

Chocolate Time

With Easter coming up, what better ingredient is there than cacao. It tastes yummy while being a guilt-free treat for Easter, packed full of benefits.

We take away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food.

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