Air Cleaning Plants with Floom
Air Cleaning Plants with Floom
17th Apr, 2019
We speak to Lana Elie, founder of Floom, about the best air purifying plants for your home, as well as what to do when hay fever season strikes.

Houseplants known for improving air quality

While it’s a known fact that plants clean air borne toxins, in turn purifying the air we breathe, a scientific clean air study completed by Wolverton and Nasa in 1989 confirmed nine of the best air purifying plants that make up “nature’s life support system”: chrysanthemum, the spider plant, dracaena plants, the ficus, the peace lily, the snake plant, aloe vera and both the Boston and bamboo palms.

Plants known for increasing moisture in the air

Aside from ranking top for their air purification properties, the spider plant and the peace lily are also known to increase the moisture in the air thanks to a high transpiration rate. Meanwhile, English ivy and the Areca palm are highly rated in this area, in fact, the area has one of the highest transpiration rates of all houseplants.

How, exactly, do plants affect the air in your home?

Indoor environments without fresh airflow allow pollutants to build up and remain stagnant in greater amounts than we should be breathing in. These air contaminants are found in both working and living spaces, and have been known to cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and eye, ear, and nose irritation. Nasa refers to this phenomenon as “sick building syndrome”. Given that we spend over 90% of our time indoors, air quality really matters, so introducing plants to your home is a simple and affordable way to combat these pollutants by allowing them to absorb the damaging particles to purify the air.

What to do when hay fever season strikes

I would suggest the above in relation to hay fever & allergies. I’d suggest for sufferers to look into Floom’s plant options as a way to enjoy the greenery that it adds to your home, whilst also helping to clean the air of pollutants – they also last longer!

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