An Interview with Lizzie Loves Healthy
An Interview with Lizzie Loves Healthy
1st Feb, 2018
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We spoke to the lovely Lizzie Loves Healthy about the myth of having it all, if there is actually such a thing as balance and what she eats to keep fuelled throughout those busy, plate-spinning days.

1) How do you balance running your own successful business and parenting?
The million dollar question! For me, my family and a lot of my work overlap, they are the best guineau pigs who test everything out as I go, but I think letting a few things go is my answer. Unpacking, laundry, cobweb clearing, going to the shops it all sides a little - one day I’ll live in a tidy house, but right now it’s not top of my list.

2) What advice would you give other mums looking to start their own business, whilst caring for a little one?
It’s not a race and there’s no panic to get it all done while the baby sleeps. Be sure you love whatever it is, and then work on it slowly and surely, and you’ll get there if it’s what you really want to do.

3) How do you relax / wind down?
In a big bath of epsom salts with a candle and something to read - usually some food geekery as I think there’s so much to learn - or when I’m really on it a quick meditation. Dinner with friends, movies with the kids or Sunday lunches, all fill the soul.

4) What does a typical 'day on your plate' look like?
The school madness mornings, means I only have a hot mug of something first thing. Then I have a big collagen coffee or a smoothie midmorning.
Lunch is something scrappy from the fridge, some roasted veg, feta, leftover lentils, made into a bowl and sprinted with some crunchy nuts/seeds.
In the evening everyone eats the same thing - one of my main aims in writing my book. I often feed the kids earlier and wait for my husband, but it could be anything from a squash and bean curry, to courgette fritters or fish pie.

5) What's your one vice?
I have plenty, but I don’t see them as vices really or add any guilt, but pleasures to be enjoyed, just not on overload. I’m a huge lover of dark chocolate, and am always reinventing ways to add that into our diet, love an excuse for some champagne, a good red wine and a plate of italian cheese. Bu as a coeliac, I often really hanker for a big slice of hot buttered toast with my mum’s seville marmalade on it from when I was small. GF bread is so often a let down.

6) What's your favourite go-to family recipe?
I’ve got a few up my sleeve now my oldest is 10 and having recipe tested the book for a year, so probably my Sweet Potato, Spinach and Onion Bhajis or Fish Tacos from my book as everyone loves building their own and goes crazy for them.

7) What was your highlight from the Mama package?
The Thai Red Chicken Curry was incredible. Creamy, filling, full of veg and really tender pieces of chicken. The cashew milks were lovely too.

8) What's one parting piece of advice you would give to mums struggling to look after themselves amidst the 'do-it-all' generation of mums?
Like I said above Do NOT do it all. I do a lot and am really busy, but I absolutely ignore lots of stuff that most mums do really well. Do what you need to do to make your day work.
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