Easter recipes and childlike abandon
Easter recipes and childlike abandon
13th Apr, 2017
I think Easter is quite possibly my favourite time of year. It conjures up so many memories of time spent with family, big Sunday lunches, walks in the park with daffodils in full bloom, and of course, the Easter egg hunts. (Nowadays though, it's probably more likely that I will be crying into my empty Mini Egg tube, trying to deal with a child that has a chocolate overdose and a dog that has actually got chocolate poisoning.) But it’s the one time of year that we allow ourselves to follow our senses with childlike abandon, no guilt-ridden strings attached. Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please.

We've got some delicious recipes that are perfect for Easter up on the blog. My personal favourite, the Cacao Rice Crispy Cakes are an easy and indulgent sweet treat that are as equally nutritious as they are delicious. There's also our Raw Cacao and Beetroot Brownies, and the ultimate brunch recipe, Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce.

It’s important that we allow ourselves these indulgences. Nobody should be denied a bit of chocolate at Easter if they want it, whether it’s ourselves or society doing the pressurising. Just make sure you regain the balance afterwards; book in to a fitness class during the week (our Studio offers a great variety of classes, at just £8 a pop), make the most of spring’s offerings by cooking up some delicious plant-based meals, or of course there’s the easy option of booking in for a detox. Now with a minimum order of just 3 days, after a few too many treats you can regain that bounce in your step in no time.
Grazia x Detox Kitchen Unplugged Event Series

We've teamed up with Grazia for a series of morning events to celebrate their Unplugged Issue. Grazia’s Unplugged issue is asking their readers to get switched on to logging off and disconnect to reconnect – trying to break the habit of absent-mindedly checking, flicking and swiping, by consciously taking time off from our digital world and social media to reclaim real life.

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I’m a millennial and I’m a flexitarian

Our Founder Lily is a Vegetarian. I'm a Flexitarian. I’ve watched Cowspiracy and Leonardo Di Caprio’s documentary, I have read, and heard, the countless facts and figures in favour of a vegetarian lifestyle. But when push comes to shove, I won’t be giving up meat. And here’s why.

We take away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

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