How to boost your immune system
How to boost your immune system
14th Oct, 2019
On average we'll catch between two and five colds every year, which can be a real pain and unfortunately there's very little we can do once we've caught something. Thankfully, with a varied, nutrient-rich diet we can ensure our immune system is in tiptop shape, helping us to avoid the latest cold doing the rounds. Here are our top five tips for boosting your immune system:

  1. Eating plenty of zinc-rich foods can help to increase disease-fighting antibodies and strengthen your immune system. Foods high in zinc include oats, cashews and sesame seeds. These breakfast pots are a great source of zinc, plus they can be made the night before so they are ready and waiting for you in the morning.
  2. Get your fill of vitamin C through fresh fruit and vegetables such as yellow peppers, kale and butternut squash. For a vitamin C boost, try our squash tikka masala - it will bring so much more joy (and goodness) than a bright orange tablet!
  3. Ginger, ginger, ginger. Chop up a thumb sized piece of ginger and pair with the juice of half a lemon and hot water to start your day. Not only is ginger a natural pain and fever reducer, it also increases circulation, helping to remove toxins and viruses from the body.
  4. The popularity of turmeric continues to surge, and for good reason. An anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, this delicious spice is loaded with potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, E and K. Enjoy in tea, curries, soups or this delicious dal and you will soon see improvements in your immune system and digestion.
  5. Fresh air. While these colder mornings are not the most enticing, getting some exercise and fresh air can do you the world of good. Why not try cycling to work one day a week instead of getting the tube? You’ll be avoiding the commuter colds too! A little nugget of information for you: researchers from Bristol University found that travellers coming from Highbury and Islington, many of which have to change at Kings Cross station, are three times more likely to have flu than, say, those in Kensington, who tend to take direct trains.


You’ll find a plethora of all these immunity-boosting foods on our home delivery packages. Let us take care of the planning, shopping and cooking while you look forward to waking to find a new day of food ahead of you. By removing foods that make you feel tired and bloated, and replacing them with a healthy, balanced diet, rich in plant based foods and lean protein, you will start to feel more energised.

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