Grazia x Detox Kitchen Unplugged Event Series
Grazia x Detox Kitchen Unplugged Event Series
5th Jun, 2017
We've teamed up with Grazia for a series of morning events to celebrate their Unplugged Issue. Grazia’s Unplugged issue is asking their readers to get switched on to logging off and disconnect to reconnect – trying to break the habit of absent-mindedly checking, flicking and swiping, by consciously taking time off from our digital world and social media to reclaim real life. With this series, we invite you to do the same – join us to experience life on the other side of your black mirror.

Wake up With... Grazia, Mindfulness Unplugged - 20th June

In this session, learn how to regain control of arguably your most powerful asset, your attention, with mindfulness. In this introductory workshop, we will look at how mindfulness can help you reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and encourage a healthier, more mindful, relationship with technology and social media.

Wake up with… Grazia, The Link between Nutrition and Sleep

For this session, Detox Kitchen founder Lily Simpson will be discussing the relationship between the food we eat, how we consume it, and the effects this has on our sleep.

Wake up With... Grazia, Sound Bath with Sound Sebastien

In this session, you'll enjoy a sound bath with Jasmine Hemsley and Toni Dicks. The brainchild of two like-minded Aquarians, Toni Dicks and Jasmine Hemsley met in 2016 and quickly recognised a shared passion for the power and joy of sound. Having practiced in the wellness field for a number of years, the duo were drawn to the study of sound as an extension of their existing philosophies. Working together as Sound Sebastien, Toni and Jasmine create soothing sound baths to relax, uplift and inspire.

My Day on a Plate, Lily Simpson founder of Detox Kitchen

So this is me on a good day. And I tend to try and have a few more good days in the lead up to a holiday, because let’s face it, everyone wants to look and feel good on holiday.

18 in 18 - The LuluLemon guide to setting goals in 2018

Setting goals is the best way to live your best life. Which is why lululemon have come up with 18 in 18, an easy framework to start your goal setting journey – it’s simple but powerful.

How social media is affecting our relationship with food

Being very much embedded in the world of healthy eating we see every angle of how social is impacting peoples food choices, but also how it is shaping the way we look at our diet and how it makes us feel. Having a healthy relationship with food is so important, so we've devised a few practical tips for disconnecting from social when it comes to food.

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