Little-known Secrets to Achieving Glowing Skin
Little-known Secrets to Achieving Glowing Skin
8th Apr, 2019
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More than just the name of the brand, Susanne Kaufmann founded her company based on the same principles she espouses in life and the rest of her work: a belief in the power of nature, in the importance of quality, and a commitment to sustainability. She talks us through the little-known secrets to achieving healthy and glowing skin.

Create a basic-mileu

A lot of people constantly increase the hyperacidity of the body. This is so bad for body and skin, because in an acidic environment bacteria’s grow so much better, which can cause blemished skin. Due to this, it is so important to neutralise the ph value and recreate a basic mileu. A basic-mileu basically means a balancing of the acid-base balance. I recommend baths with our alkali salt deacidifying, peelings and cleansing with alkali water.

Have foot baths

A foot bath with alkali salt stimulates the circulation and helps the body with the discharge of slags and detoxification. The water temperature for a foot bath should be around 38 degrees. For a foot bath, you could use 1 spoon of our Alkali salt. For an optimal result, leave your feet in the warm foot tub for about 15 minutes.

Use face masks

When my skin is irritated or stressed, because of long distance flights or if I haven’t eaten healthy enough, I do a face mask. I like our alkaline fleece mask. The mask has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the protective functions of the skin and neutralizes its pH-value. An alkaline milieu of the skin is the foundation for flawless complexion.

The power of ginger

In our hotel we have been working with doctors for 20 years using the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Here ginger is used as a means of supporting the micro-perfusion of the body. Ginger also accelerates metabolism, which helps the organism to excrete toxins and pollutants better. These factors are particularly important for a good complexion. Our detox oil contains a lot of ginger and birch.

Massage technique

When it comes to body oils it always makes sense to apply them to damp skin after a shower. The best massage technique at home is to oil in the direction of the lymph, which means from the ankle upwards. It should be a gentle massage (upwards and in circular motions) as the lymphatic system is located directly underneath your skin. If you apply a product this way, you have the effect of the product plus the detoxifying aspect of a lymph massage.

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