11th Jan, 2019
This week we’re talking about sleep and how important it really is for your overall wellbeing. We spoke to This Works, creators of the cult ‘deep sleep pillow spray’, to find out more about why we struggle sleeping at this time of year and what we can do to counter this.

“Forget self-help books and insta-fake feelings this January, it’s all about sleeping your way to a better frame of mind.

Do you sometimes wish that you could just sleep through January? As months go, it can be pretty depressing; grey skies, Blue Monday, everyone’s coughing and sniffing. Ironically, although we’d love to hibernate, getting to sleep at this time of year can be complicated.

Being back at work means more screen time and with that an increased exposure to blue light, which we now know suppresses natural melatonin levels (the sleep hormone), disrupts the circadian rhythm and makes it harder to switch off in the evening.

Disrupted sleep has close links to mental health. Not only is your confidence knocked by waking up and not looking and feeling your best, the inability to get to sleep also generates anxiety. This type of anxiety is unfortunately self-perpetuating. The less you sleep the more anxious you become about getting to sleep and therefore the less you sleep. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 30% of people in the UK are currently suffering from sleep related disorders.


The This Works deep sleep fragrance, which you'll find in all our sleep solutions including our award-winning deep sleep pillow spray, recently underwent a ground-breaking fMRI study, during which it was discovered that it lit up the parts of the brain associated with relaxation, calm and pleasure and demonstrated the potential to bring the mind into a pre-disposition towards sleep. Just a mist or two over your bedlinen at night will help reduce anxiety, allowing you to drift off to sleep more easily.

Combine this with our Anti-pollution purifying mask with Malachite and Kaolin clay for a 10-minute skin detox at the end of the day, before bed, to remove environmental pollutants, cleanse and revitalise the skin.

Dispelling sleep anxieties will unlock good sleep patterns which in turn will unlock a renewed vigour for your Positive January outlook, allowing you to start the year as you mean to go on with healthier lifestyle intentions for your nutrition, body and mind.”

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