11th Jan, 2019
We spoke to Elizabeth Scarlett to discuss just how important sleep is to your overall wellbeing and they gave us their top tips for winding down and getting the most out of your all-important beauty sleep during these winter months.

Sleep is good for the soul. In the winter, we want to stay at home, get into bed early, pull up the covers and sleep in for as long as possible. Our busy lifestyles don’t always allow for these rituals but battening down the hatches sometimes is important for our wellbeing.

The lack of daylight in the darker months can leave us feeling low in energy and in need of a recharge. It’s an act of self-love to give yourself permission to give in and let go, cosy up for afternoon naps and earlier nights.
So how is best to wind down and get a nourishing night’s sleep in winter?

Think of a little animal, they find a cosy place, some leaves, bring nature inside to build a nest, stock up on food supplies and curl up and go into a deep, long sleep. Embrace the cold and dark, go with a slower flow, just as little animals do.

To help you get in tune with your inner sloth, here are some tips to wind down for a cosy night’s sleep:

- Make sure your lighting in the evenings is warm and low. It really makes a difference to the atmosphere in a room.
- Find textured blankets and quilts which are wonderful to cuddle up in or wrap yourself with.
- Indulge in treating yourself to your favourite candle and little luxuries, like an oil diffuser.
- Have a cup of herbal tea, or hot chocolate. Whatever makes you feel warm and like you’ve taken care of yourself.
- Nourish your body with broths, winter vegetables and drink lots of water.
- Run hot baths and use your fluffiest towel or bathrobe. Get out your warm slippers or cashmere socks.
- Use a large, high quality eye mask to block out the light. Ours are scented with lavender to help you drift off into a dreamy, night's sleep.
- Switch off from screen time, put your phone on charge in another room and use a manual alarm clock instead.
- Put on your favourite nightwear and sink into the sheets as early as you can, with that book you’ve been waiting to read.

8 hours shouldn’t be a luxury. As the Dalai Lama says, 'Sleep is the best meditation'.”

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