Stress-Reducing Rituals Successful People Live By
Stress-Reducing Rituals Successful People Live By
29th Mar, 2019
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With 74% of the population having felt 'overwhelmed or unable to cope' at some point in the past year, it seems as though we have reached peak-stress in the UK. Thankfully, there are things we can do to help manage this. We’ve spoken to the founders of some of our favourite brands about the stress-reducing rituals they live by. Stress-busting rituals are only as effective as they are enjoyable, and you’ll be surprised to find out just how enjoyable they can be.


"I love to have dinner together with my family. Afterwards I go into my bathroom, light a candle and play music (my husband is a musician; therefore, music plays a big role in my life). Thankfully, I have very good skin, but mostly stress and lack of sleep affect my skin condition. If I have time (mostly on Sundays), I love a peeling mask. I love bath and bath essences. This is why they are a big part in my cosmetic line. Afterwards I always change into comfier clothes and spend time with my family. Another stress reliever for me is nature and exercising. This always calms me down."


"Writing before bed is a good way to avoid the ever tempting phone scrolling - it’s also a calming way to end your day. Whether it’s jotting down a line or two in a notebook or diary, or writing longer pieces connected to your thoughts and opinions, getting into a routine of putting pen to paper helps me to switch off. On busy weeks writing my to - do list for the next day helps me to combat the 2am worries which can sometimes surface. My tip is to sleep next to your notebook you never know when you’ll wake up with a good idea."


"My stress busting rituals really depend on where I am, when I'm in the UK I like to take the dogs out for a long country walk and just get out into the fresh air, when I am with my boyfriend in Zurich I like to head to my favourite fitness class (Atomix Burn) which is just a fantastic 50 minute HIIT class... either way, when I am stressed I always make sure to step away from my phone and laptop!"


"The key to dealing with stress is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Visualisation is a really good technique for preparing for any situation that might be stressful. I tend to create a real image in my head and imagine the meeting or presentation going well and try to walk through the basic steps of the situation so that I can foresee any points that I might be under prepared for. This helps to then solve the problems that might trigger stress before they even happen.

Making time to focus on things that make you happy is also very important at keeping stress permanently low. I tend not to get stressed often and I think its because every day I make time to be creative, for me this is the key to switching off from the more frantic parts of the day. Doing something creative could be anything from doing a quick painting or sketch in the evening, creating a new recipe for dinner, reading articles that are inspiring or simply reading a book.

And finally, being resilient is a big part of managing stressful situations. Dealing with the stress head on and then swiftly moving on from it is important. Leaving stressful thoughts or situation to fester just makes it worse. You cannot change the past, it's much better to focus on making the future better."


"I get asked this a lot and the most honest answer is that I’ve not figured this out yet. I drive people mad checking emails and doing work things all the time & switching off is something I rarely do completely… I’m always on my phone. I do like listening to podcasts for inspiration and motivation ‘How I built this’ is a great one! I have a thing for Japanese food too – so food is potentially my way of switching off (for a bit)."


"Cleansing is a ritual that helps me unwind at the end of the day. I like to apply Super Seed Cleansing Oil to my face and neck before a soak in the bath - the steam helps to penetrate the pores and acts as a mini-mask.

The ritual of facial massage not only boosts circulation by increasing the flow of blood, lymph, nutrients and oxygen to your face but facial massage reduces tension and helps prevent the deepening of wrinkles. Emotionally, it triggers a relaxation response, calming your heart-rate and breath, lowering your blood pressure, and decreasing your production of stress hormones."


"I spend a lot of time on the computer so any time spent away from it is time well spent. I find the best way to de-stress is to get outdoors, so walking my dog in the countryside works for both of us. The woods have a special stillness which quiets the mind & calms the nervous system. I can literally feel the stress drain away, my mood lifts & I feel recharged. The combined benefits of exercise, fresh air & nature really help to keep me balanced."

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