Sustainable Meat Eating & Easy Alternatives
Sustainable Meat Eating & Easy Alternatives
15th Dec, 2015

If you are going to eat meat we recommend having it no more than three times a week. The country as a whole’s over consumption of meat is not only harmful to the atmosphere but it also results in unnecessary wastage and unsustainable farming methods. The people at Cowspiracy argue that animal agriculture is the most destructive industry facing the world today, and to make a difference we must eat less animal products and replace them with plants. 

Many of us are inclined to reach for fish or meat in order to get our fill of protein, but there are so many other ways to consume bountiful quantities of it. There are endless options for protein packed, meat-free meals with the use of pulses and legumes paired with delicious vegetables and fresh herbs and spices. Quinoa is a great protein source for non-meat eaters as it contains all of the essential amino acids making it a complete protein. Eggs also provide an invaluable source of protein as they contain a full spectrum of amino acids.

For those of you who simply can’t give up your weekend bacon butty (although we challenge you to try our avocado on toast and not become a convert), the best approach is to simply be mindful of the animals you are eating. It is proven that the healthier the animal the healthier the meat. Thinking about food in this way not only means that you are getting the best quality ingredients but it also means that you are getting more nutrients from the food.

Another important consideration is making your meat go further. If you buy a pack of organic thicken thighs, rather than using the whole pack to make a stew for dinner, use just one thigh. Trust us, not only will you still get the flavour from the chicken but you’ll be making the pack last much longer.

We have some delicious meat free options that you can find in our cookbook, The Detox Kitchen Bible. Try your hand at our recipe for Cherry Tomato and Quinoa stuffed Aubergines. It’s packed full of protein from the quinoa and there’s not a greenhouse gas in sight.


Words: Ellen Tewkesbury
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