The benefits of lemon water
The benefits of lemon water
2nd Aug, 2019
Our Lemon-Aid is a delicious, home-made blend of lemon, ginger, water and a dash of maple syrup. Drinking lemon water in the morning is associated with a number of health benefits outlined below to put a pep in your step!

When we wake up in the morning, we are often slightly dehydrated and this is made worse by the sizzling summer temperatures we are experiencing. Lemon water hydrates the body, preventing feelings of dizziness, lethargy and headaches.

Lemons contain antioxidants called flavonoids which are linked with benefits to improved metabolic health. Lemons are also an excellent source of vitamin C, with half a lemon providing 25% of the recommended daily intake. Evidence has linked vitamin C and flavonoids to improvements in skin as it helps the body to produce collagen.

With the addition of ginger and a dash of grade A amber maple syrup, our Lemon-Aid is indeed an aid to digestion. The phenolic compounds in ginger are known to relieve gastrointestinal (GI) irritation, stimulate saliva and increase motility through the digestive tract.

Gingerol, the active compound in ginger, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. So this fiery spice is in fact very soothing for the body!

We hope you enjoy our zingy Lemon-Aid and its health benefits.

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