Wake Up With... Event Series at The Detox Kitchen
Wake Up With... Event Series at The Detox Kitchen
16th Aug, 2016

Multiple studies have correlated waking up early with success. When Napoleon was asked how many hours sleep people need, he is said to have replied: "Six for a man, seven for a woman, eight for a fool." While we’re all partial to a lie in, and so we should be when it’s needed, claiming back an hour of your morning has so many benefits.

Which is why we have made it our mission to reclaim an hour of our day each morning. That snooze button is doing us no favours. Rather than go it alone, we want you to join us. So we’ve organised some amazing mornings to get us jumping out of bed. Not only will the events be paired with a delicious breakfast but the aim is that you'll take something away with you, whether it's a new skill or even a new business idea! All that before your working day has started.

The Events

Tuesday 12th July - Morning Yoga Flow with Annie Clarke a.k.a Mind Body Bowl

Tuesday 19th July - How To Start A Healthy Food Business, with Lily Simpson, Founder of The Detox Kitchen

Tuesday 26th July - An Introduction to Mindfulness with Tamzin Muir

Tuesday 2nd August - From Kitchen to Supermarket, How to Scale a Food Product, with Pip & Nut

Tuesday 9th August - Clean Skincare with Skin & Tonic

Tuesday 6th September - Turning Your Passion Into Your Business with Sadie Reid from Hip & Healthy

Tuesday 13th September - Making Breakfast with Lily Simpson

Tuesday 20th September - Good Cake for Breakfast with Pearl & Groove

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We take away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food.

Find The Louisa Drake Method’s first boutique fitness studio on the lower ground floor of our flagship deli in Fitzrovia.
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