We Speak to... Paola Di Lanzo
We Speak to... Paola Di Lanzo
4th May, 2016

Praised by the likes of Calgary Avansino, Millie Mackintosh and Vogue, we are thrilled to add Paola's BodyBarre to our studio schedule. The dynamic, fun, and high energy classes draw elements from both Pilates and ballet barre techniques, yielding incredible results. We speak to the founder of this ever popular fitness class, Paola Di Lanzo.

How did PBB come about?

I developed PBB after years of teaching fitness. I wanted to create a dynamic, high intensity yet low impact work out. As I have a Pilates background I wanted a Dynamic Pilates focus. My workout will ensure you maximise your time in the class and the variety in my PBB classes ensure you will never feel bored!

What makes it different?

PBB is different to most barre methods as it is quite fast paced with a big focus on Dynamic Pilates and Functional training. As I’m not a professional dancer like most Barre teachers it has more of a fitness feel rather than a balletic or dance feel. I have drawn upon my many years of personal training and Pilates teaching with the little bit of dance I did as a child.

We have many varieties of PBB. You can opt for the classes that are more advanced and have elements of Hiit training (PBB Burn Blast and Cardio Barre) or if you don’t want to be working out at such a fast pace and want to concentrate on your core strength, Pilates routines and Balletic movements then PBB Signature is for you.

What affect will it have on our body?

Within just a few sessions you will feel the difference. After about 10 sessions you will see a noticeable difference in your posture, core strength, toned limbs and a booty lift like no other! Your muscles will become strong streamlined yet still flexible.

Do you need to have done pilates and/or barre before?

Not at all. We teach a multi levelled class suited to every fitness level and experience. We keep the classes small so we can correct and modify where need be!

PBB in 3 words?

Feel The Burn!


PBB classes are held at our fitness studio on Mondays at 7pm, Wednesday mornings at 6.30am and Saturday mornings at 10am. Book your place now as classes are sure to fill up fast.

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