We've been awarded a Blue Turtle
We've been awarded a Blue Turtle
4th Nov, 2019
Our Kingly Street deli has been awarded a Blue Turtle to mark our ongoing commitment to being more ocean-friendly. Blue Turtle is a scheme which we are so proud to be a part of in collaboration with ocean conservation organisation Project Zero.

The Blue Turtle pledge is a commitment to:

At our delis we are currently 95% plastic-free; we have paper straws, wooden cutlery, paper carrier bags, pulp salad trays, Vegware catering boxes and 25p off hot drinks when you bring your own cup. By April 2020 we aim to be 100% plastic free at our delis.

We offer free tap water for all at our delis.

We operate a <1% food waste policy at our kitchens and delis. We work with various initiatives, including Pale Green Dot and Karma to help reduce our waste and turn any leftovers into something positive.

Our fish supplier is First for Fish. They were established in 2001 with the primary objective of supplying high quality fresh fish produce into leading restaurant and catering companies in London. They provide us with the highest quality Scottish salmon and prawns from sustainable farms with full traceability.

To read more about the Blue Turtle pledge click here.


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