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Protein Spring Equitox

Transform your body and mind in 14 days through food and movement. With partners Tory Sport, Frame and Anatome.

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    ≈ 1500 cals

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    14 days

Protein Spring Equitox


Two weeks of Detox Kitchen food & drink delivered directly to your door every day, as well as supporting gifts to help you feel your absolute best this spring.

For all of us, staying motivated this past year has been challenging, but the two things we have turned to for nourishment and fulfilment of the body and mind are food and movement. Which is why we have joined forces with Tory Sport, Frame and Anatome to set out our own roadmap out of lockdown based on these two pillars.

So join us on this 14-day programme designed to help you discover and appreciate the transformative effect nourishing food and movement has on the body and mind, so that you can feel your absolute best this spring.

Included in the programme:

  • You’ll enjoy 14 days of our delicious and nutritious meals and juices delivered to your door on our Protein Cleanse menu. Enjoy this gentle spring cleanse and support your body’s natural detoxification processes, to help eliminate toxins, get your digestion moving, boost immunity, increase energy levels and shed excess weight.

Alongside your meal plan you will also receive (at no extra cost to the food programme):

  • Two weeks of On Demand and two Live Stream classes per week with Frame. You'll also be sent our exclusive Spring Equitox Fitness Plan containing our curated exercise schedule to compliment your meal plan.
  • £60 to spend with Tory Sport (because we all know that some new activewear is the best motivator to get us moving!).
  • An M Life yoga mat to support your workouts. This mat is non-toxic, latex free and has been designed in partnership with yoga experts from around the world.
  • An Energy + Strength rollerball from Anatome containing a blend of 24 essential oils designed to invigorate the body and encourage fortitude and willpower wherever you are.

What's in the box?

  • Each day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding, plus 1 juice, 1 nut pot, 1 snack,1 ginger shot and 1 teabag
  • First day: you will receive all of your complimentary gifts with your first delivery
  • 1,500 calories per day
  • Must order for 14 days
  • All meat is free-range and fish is sustainably sourced
  • Always dairy, refined sugar and wheat free
  • £42 per day

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