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Vegan Summer Set

A 20-day programme to lay the foundations for a healthy body and mind this summer.
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    ≈ 1300 cals

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    20 days

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Vegan Summer Set


Our 20-day Summer Set programme is a combination of a delicious, balanced diet paired with movement and stress-management is the key to feeling our strongest selves - which is exactly what our Summer Set programme provides. Feel your fittest, strongest and most empowered for the summer ahead.

Available to those within Greater London only.


What we aim to achieve:

  • A you that is fitter, stronger and more confident in both your mind and body
  • A surge of rejuvenation and newfound energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved digestive health
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Re-education of bodily intelligence
  • Motivation to build long-lasting healthy habits

What’s included in the programme?

You'll receive daily deliveries (Monday to Friday) for 20 days. Each delivery includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a snack, pudding, juice, booster shot and tea.You'll also receive a lovely bundle of supporting gifts worth approximately £260 (at no additional cost to the food programme) including:

  • HERMOSA vegan protein powder - A super clean, allergen-free, natural and sustainable plant-based protein isolate with 10 Essential Amino Acids. Perfect in aiding with muscle recovery;
  • A water bottle from Klean Kanteen to keep you hydrated;
  • £50 Natural Grace LDN voucher to redeem online, because we all know a new pair of leggings is an excellent motivator. Luxury sustainable sportswear made from regenerated ocean plastic;
  • Tata Harper cleanser - a luxury detoxifying cleanser that purges pores of pollutants & impurities for renewed, fresh looking skin just in time for that summer glow;
  • A high-strength CBD balm from Kloris: An essential remedy to help aid recovery and soothe aches;
  • A RESTORE bath melt from Kloris: This bath block is perfect for end of the day aches and to aid a restful sleep;
  • A silk eye mask from Blissy: a must-have beauty sleep essential for the bright summer mornings

A little extra for you...

Alongside the supporting gifts, we’ve invited fitness experts to help you move both gently and vigorously. As Sarah Elliott, mindset coach explains, “movement helps create a more positive mindset and exercise can be a positive contributing factor for a person given it’s a form of self care, helping tip their biased scale into a happier lens of viewing themselves and the world around them.”

We'd love for you to join us at our feel-good events below:

  • Our lovely brand personal trainer Jade has taken us through an energising 45 minute bodyweight HIIT workout over on our Instagram page. You can find this recorded there.
  • On Wednesday 29th at 6pm Kerri from our team will be offering a 30 minute sleepy yoga, breath and meditation session to focus on the crossover with mind, movement and sleep. Again, this will be hosted over on our Instagram.
  • On Wednesday 6th July, we’d love to invite you to an in-person class with Jade, followed by fresh juices and an opportunity to meet and chat to our founder Lily. This will be held at 6pm at our Mortimer deli.
  • On Friday 1st at 7.30am, Natural Grace LDN’s PT Harriet will be leading a 30 minute bodyweight HIIT workout on our Instagram page.

What's in the box?

  • Each day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding, plus 1 juice, 1 nut pot, 1 snack,1 ginger shot and 1 teabag
  • First day: you will receive all of your complimentary gifts with your first delivery
  • 1,300 calories per day
  • Must order for 20 days
  • Always dairy, refined sugar and wheat free
  • £33.25 per day

Extra Information

On our suppliers

Our fresh fruit and veg supplier are a family-run business who select the pick of the crop from the UK and Europe, to provide us with the highest quality produce. We aim for 70% UK sourcing, as we believe locally grown produce is not only better for the environment, but is tastier and more nutritious too.

Charity Partner

We’re thrilled to have partnered with charity Magic Breakfast to provide breakfast for a child in need, for the duration of every Vegan Cleanse Plan purchased. Think of it as a breakfast for a breakfast.

On our packaging

Making the most sustainable choices is very important to us, which is why we’ve found a packaging solution that has 95% less plastic content than traditional takeaway containers. Our lunches and dinners are packaged inside Kraft paper containers, which are made from a renewable source, are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. They have a thin recyclable PET lining inside, and the film seal lids are made of PLA which is plant-based, biodegradable and compostable and doesn’t contain any plastic. All other packaging is either made of 100% recyclable PET plastic (juice bottles) or sugar cane pulp (biodegradable, compostable and recyclable) with PET plastic lids (recyclable).

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