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28 Jan, 2014

Superfood salad

We were all feeling a little blue today so Oli decided to make us a delicious superfood salad for lunch. This is the perfect immune boosting meal, packed full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C.



For the salad
½ cucumber
1 handful of mixed lentil sprouts
1 celery stick
100g white cabbage
1 tsp Sesame seeds

½ bunch of coriander
½ clove of garlic
2cm piece of ginger
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp rapeseed oil


To make:

Slice the cucumber, celery stick and cabbage and place in a bowl along with a large handful of mixed bean sprouts.

In a blender place the coriander leaves and stalks, garlic and ginger with out its skin. Add the oil and lemon juice and blitz until its a runny consistency.

Add the dressing to the bowl of vegetables and toss till thoroughly coated.

Serve with a sprinkle with sesame seeds and some chopped coriander.

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