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24 Jan, 2014

The Audrey Hepburn Diet

She was one of the most beautiful women in the world, so what did she have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what can we learn from her diet? We delve into the food diary of Audrey Hepburn.


Since I was a little girl, I have always appreciated the elegance of Audrey Hepburn. This has, over the years, developed into something of a 'girl crush'. So when I recently came across a book called 'What would Audrey do?', being as obsessed about food as I am, I headed straight to the part that describes her diet. I happily discover that Audrey was an advocate of Organic Homemade Produce, a girl after my own heart.

Audrey had a simple diet rich in fruit and vegetables with the occasional plate of pasta. Her treat was a single square of dark baking chocolate in the afternoon.

Based on what I have read about Audrey, I have devised a very simple sample diet that you can follow to 'Eat Like Audrey'.

The Eat like Audrey diet


A boiled egg on wholegrain bread with spinach and asparagus Or Avocado on rye bread with a squeeze of lemon


Some carrot and celery batons with salt and pepper Or Cherry tomatoes with basil and almonds


A palm sized portion of wholegrain pasta with cherry tomatoes, red peppers, courgette and rocket Or Salmon grilled with ginger served with sesame kale, peas and mange tout


A little raw cacao truffle Or Broad beans and mint


Chicken breast and baked sweet potato with broccoli, leeks and kale Or A big hearty salad of artichoke, grated beetroot and carrot, shredded cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds with a lemon and orange dressing