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Delivery information

When do you deliver?

We carefully and quietly dispatch the whole days programme right to your door within your preferred time frame, so that your breakfast is waiting for you as soon as you are ready to start your day. We have two morning delivery windows for you to choose from to make it as convenient as possible. If you live in central London, our standard delivery time is between 3am and 7am each morning. For those outside central London, within the M25, we will deliver to you between 3am and 8am. We also have an option for Premium delivery which is an extra £10 per day. This allows your box to be delivered between 7am and 9am.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to all Central London postcodes and most of those within the M25 too. If you are unsure whether we deliver to you, please pop your postcode into our postcode checker on our How It Works page. If your postcode is not included in our delivery area, please do get in touch and we will do our very best to work out a solution for you.

You can also choose to have your box delivered to one of our delis.

Plan Information

What do your meal plans include?

Our Cleanse and Maintain plans include everything you need to keep you energised and glowing throughout the whole day. The packages consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks and juices. Our Flexi plans consist of a nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch, with a fresh juice and nut pot. For more information on each individual package, visit our meal plans page.

How long do your meal plans last?

We recommend using our Cleanse and Maintain meal plans for a minimum of three consecutive days so your body can really make the most of the wonderful benefits of our food. You can choose any length program from three days, and as our plans are designed by our nutritionists to provide all the goodness you need every day you can sign up for as long as you like. Our Flexi plans are available from five-day periods, for as long as you want.

I can't always commit to consecutive days, can I choose the days I want?

Yes, when purchasing a meal plan you can select on the interactive calendar exactly how many days, and when, you’d like to receive deliveries. We do however recommend using our program for at least three consecutive days to feel the full benefits.

Am I allowed to drink coffee alongside my meal plan?

We recommend you steer clear from caffeine to experience the full benefits, and instead stick to water and delicious herbal teas.

Is your food organic?

We prioritise our ingredients being locally sourced within the UK. For all our food to be organic, we'd need to import ingredients from further afield which we feel would have worse effects on the environment. Instead, we work closely with a UK supplier to ensure our ingredients come from local, sustainable farms with high quality produce. However, we are working with the Soil Association to switch some of our fruit, vegetables and meat where possible to organic, while maintaining the local supply, availability and quality of the ingredients. Our fruit and veg is delivered from New Covent Garden market, which is located next to our Battersea kitchen. Our suppliers follow the highest standards for produce meaning all our vegetables are Grade 1, our salmon is sustainably farmed and all our meat is free-range and of the highest quality.

Are all of your meal plans gluten free?

We are a totally wheat free company but this does not mean our packages are free from gluten. We use some oats and rye bread which are not suitable for those with gluten allergies. However, our Green and Green with Protein packages are totally gluten free as standard.

I am pescatarian, can you cater for me?

Our protein meal plans include meat, as such if you are pescatarian we suggest trying our delicious Vegan or Green meal plans.

What packaging do you use?

Making the most sustainable choices is very important to us. Our lunch and dinner containers are made of Kraft paper (a natural and renewable source) and have a polyester (PET) lining. The containers are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable as they are just a form of untreated paper. The lining can be recycled if it is removed from the container and rinsed off. The film which seals the container is made from PLA which is a plant-based alternative to plastic. This film is compostable in industrial conditions, and so should be put into the general waste bin. For our snack packaging we use If You Care sandwich bags. These are made in Sweden from unbleached pulp from spruce trees which are a natural and renewable source. They are compostable in home composting, and also recyclable and biodegradable. They are uncoated so there are no hidden components to the packaging. Our juice bottles are made of 100% pure PET which is recyclable. We are currently looking for an alternative for these which would be at least made of 50% recycled plastic.

I am allergic to certain ingredients, can you cater for this?

Unfortunately we are unable to cater to customers that have anaphylactic shock to severe allergies.

What if there are foxes in my area?

If you are worried about your package being damaged before you can collect it from your doorstep, there is an option to add on a plastic storage box when you order for an additional £7.20. This will keep your delivery safe each morning and ensure that it’s protected from both foxes and the elements.

I live in a flat or on a busy road, can you deliver?

In cases like this, we have a few options. We could deliver to the outside of the building in a hidden spot. There is a box on the order form for you to jot down some delivery instructions and you can be as detailed as you wish. If you’re concerned about it being left outside, we could take a key for the entrance to your building. Our couriers, Absolutely, are very trustworthy and we find that this offers a good solution for many of our customers. The courier can let themselves into the building and leave the package on your doorstep. To give them the key, you could either wake up to meet them on the first day or post it to us. Your key will be securely locked away in our key safe when you don't have a box out for delivery.Alternatively, some of our customers get their boxes delivered straight to work to avoid this problem, if their office is London-based. This depends on when your building opens but it could be a good solution! One last option would be to get the delivery sent to one of our delis. These are located on Mortimer Street and Kingly Street. If you are unsure how to make this work or would like some more information, please contact us so we can find a solution for you.

Do you deliver in bulk or every day?

We deliver your days’ worth of food for you each morning so it’s ready to go when you wake up. This ensures the food is as fresh as it can possibly be. As we don’t deliver on Sundays, if you opt for weekend deliveries you will receive your Saturday and Sunday box together on Saturday morning.

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