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Choose from our Cleanse, Maintain and Flexi plans

Select from 10 nutritionally balanced, delicious, healthy meal plans.

With every plan:

  • Healthy, ready-to-eat meals, delivered to your door
  • Ingredients free from refined sugar, wheat and dairy
  • Discounts for plans lasting over 14 days
  • Change your delivery days and pause your plan to suit your schedule

Spring Equitox Programme

A 20-day plan to help you thrive this spring. 20 days of Detox Kitchen food & drink delivered directly to your door every day, as well as gifts to help support with your holistic spring clean.

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Veg & Essentials Box

Fresh vegetables, fruit and essentials delivered directly to your door. We have come together with our Fruit & Veg supplier 2-Serve to create a box that contains a variety of the highest quality, predominately UK sourced produce. Each box will feed 2-4 people for a week.

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Fridge Fill Packages

Fill your fridge with nutritious, chef-cooked meals delivered to your door. Each delivery consists of six meals to enjoy as you like. Choose between our Protein or Vegan box.

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