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26 Oct, 2023

How does hypnosis work in the brain?

We explore the effects of hypnosis on the brain, to see how it can affect our ability to make healthy choices, and choices that work for you.


3 things happen when you go into hypnosis ...

  1. Turn down activity in the salience network (the alarm system region) - you focus your attention and turn down the alarm system region in the brain.
  2. Increase connectivity between the prefrontal cortex and the insular (mind-body function) which helps you perceive what happens in your body (interception). This helps you regulate how you perceive and control what's happening in your body, so you have increased mind-body connection.
  3. There is a disconnection between the prefrontal cortex and default mode network (back of the brain) where you reflect on yourself - you cut that loose, and you stop worrying about how you've done things in the past.

This brain state a great setting for you to take on new therapeutic experiences and new approaches to old problems.

You melt away the barriers holding you back and you open your mind to new approaches.

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Dr Spiegel, Founder of Reveri