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We've created a 3-Day Reset Plan to help overhaul your health, with 3 days of nourishing food delivered from us on your first day and amazing reset activity ideas so run alongside the meal plan.

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The Plan

If you are noticing any of the following signs, then it might be time to give your body a helping hand:

  • You’re always tired
  • You crave sugar and carbs
  • You can’t concentrate properly and often feel foggy-headed
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You suffer from bloating and other digestive issues
  • Your joints ache
  • You feel stressed and/or anxious.

We've created a 3-Day Reset Plan to help overhaul your health, with 7 days of nourishing food deliveries from us and an amazing bundle of stress-relieving gifts that come free alongside the meal plan. Prices start at £49 for the entire plan worth of food and drink. This is the perfect, accessible and manageable solution for re-setting your habits for good.

The Food

Each morning we’ll deliver all the food you need for the day ahead, along with fresh juices, booster shots and tea bags throughout the programme. Your meal plan will include plenty of diverse fibre, colourful plant foods and the essential nutrients needed for a healthy immune system. We prepare everything fresh in our kitchen and deliver within 24 hours of cooking, meaning you are always eating real food made from real ingredients.