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The Ultimate Reset

Learn to listen to your body, treat it well, reconnect and enjoy feeling good with our 20-day+ programme.

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The Ultimate Reset

Reset, Reconnect.

New Year, More You. Find that true version of yourself once again. A you that is healthier, lighter and brighter. Learn to listen to your body, treat it well, reconnect and enjoy feeling good with our 20-day+ programme: The Ultimate Reset.

The life-changing effect of good food doesn’t happen overnight – it is a journey. The journey of becoming more you. It is not something you can measure or count. It is a sense of self-empowerment. It is giving yourself permission. It is the everyday things. Which is why the programme is based around our 4 pillars of good health: nutrition, movement, sleep and mood.

From the first steps we take together, we help you to tune into your body, to notice the differences, and to celebrate all the positives along the way (improved digestion, shedding excess weight, increased focus, brighter complexion, more energy and clarity to name a few).

All our meals are freshly prepared by chefs using the highest quality ingredients. A day on our Ultimate Reset meal plans will typically include: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and pudding, plus a juice, a booster shot and a snack. Choose from our Vegan or Protein menus, with different nutritional brackets to suit you.

The Ultimate Reset duration is a minimum of 20 days to allow time for true transformation: a full natural detoxification of the body and retraining of your palette. Food is delivered Monday-Friday, excluding weekends.

If you are unsure about anything or would like any guidance or advice before booking, feel free to schedule a call with Kerri from our team here.

Available to those within Greater London only.

Included in the plan:

20 days (or more) of Detox Kitchen food delivered directly to your door, as well as supporting gifts to help support your holistic reset. Food is delivered Monday-Friday, excluding weekends. The gifts come at no extra cost to the meal programme. Gifts included ...

  • 1 x jar of Artah’s Enhanced Symbiotic supplements
  • 1 x 5-day pack of Artah’s Metabolic Fix supplements
  • 1 x full size Ready Steady Glow Tonic from Ren
  • 1 x weighted lavender sleep mask from Spritz Wellness
  • 1 x £40 voucher for Jilla Active
  • 1 x White Rose and Lemon Leaves mini candle from Jo Loves
  • 1 x Bed Balm from Dreem Distillery
  • 3 x free mat classes at Heartcore
  • 1 x £50 voucher for London Cryo
  • 1 x full size bottle of Mahala Botanical Alcohol-Free Spirit
  • 1 x De-stress luxury essential oil from Neom Organics
  • 1 x limited edition Detox Kitchen tote bag

Total value of gifts is £400.