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02 Jul, 2014

Food For Gorgeous Skin

Food For Gorgeous Skin There’s no denying that Summer fresh clear skin makes us look and feel amazing. We've caught up with Content Beauty, an organic skincare boutique in Marylebone, for their top tips on what foods to eat and apply, for healthy gorgeous skin!


There’s no denying that Summer fresh clear skin makes us look and feel amazing. We've caught up with Content Beauty, an organic skincare boutique in Marylebone, for their top tips on what foods to eat and apply, for healthy gorgeous skin!

At Content we really do live by the mantra that ‘beautiful skin starts from within’. By switching up both your kitchen cupboard and your bathroom cabinet to a cleaner, greener version you will see an improvement in your skin within weeks. To give you a head start we have compiled our favourite skin-loving foods to incorporate into our day and as it’s equally as important to be conscious of what you are putting onto your skin too, we have also included our favourite topical skin-foods.

To Eat:

Leafy Greens- Nothing quite beats dark leafy greens when it comes to providing our bodies with skin-loving nutrients. High in chlorophyll and vitamin C– leafy greens are particularly effective at countering every-day exposure to environmental toxins, UV rays and pollution. For some clever ways to get more greens into your skin-food diet, add kale or spinach to your smoothies and replace bread-based wraps with wraps made from romaine or chard.

Vitamin C- This is one of the most Important vitamins for skin as it contributes to the bodies collagen producing function helping to keep skin looking healthy and supple. It helps the body perform tissue repair and may also protect the skin against sun damage. Be sure to take advantage of summer’s array of Vitamin C-rich berries.

Omega 3’s- Essential for a glowing complexion, Omega 3’s have been shown to not only promote healthy glowing skin, but also may assist in reducing depression, balancing hormones, counteracting inflammation and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Our favourite ways to get an early start on our omega-3 intake is at breakfast, via a dose in chia seed pudding!

Healthy Fats -Needed for skin renewal, intense hydration and nourishment from the inside out – our favourite plant-based healthy fats to incorporate into our daily skin-food intake are found in avocado and activated nuts and seeds. Avocado contains carotenoids, often associated with brightly coloured vegetables, which are key to their anti-inflammatory properties. Whilst nuts offer a healthy dose of Vitamin E to encourage skin regeneration and protect it from free radical damage.

A Green Juice a Day - If you only incorporate one skin-loving habit into your daily regime then this is the one to choose. Since we started a green juice a day we have seen a noticeable improvement in our skin. Make sure to include organic dark leafy greens (the benefits which we’ve mentioned above) with cucumber, celery and a dash of apple or pear for hint of sweetness and some ginger.

To Apply:

Honey – renowned for its anti-bacterial and nourishing properties topical use of honey is one of the natural beauty fans best kitchen cupboard tricks. Use Manuka Honey at UMF15+ or higher as a mask or try it in the May Lindstrom Honey Mud Cleansing Silk which features raw honey and pure plant-oils to gently free your skin of the day's pollutants.

Coconut Oil – found in healthy kitchens across the world there is not much that coconut oil can’t be used for and this includes topically too. Use it to remove make-up, as a hair mask, body moisturiser or nail and cuticle oil. It is so versatile it’s even found its way into organic make-up. We love the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek colours, which are enriched with coconut oil and cocoa seed butter to hydrate, heal and protect your lips – making these pots of bright colour a clever skin-food alternative to traditional blusher and lip stain.

Fruits – they don’t just taste delicious but some actually contain clever enzymes, that when applied to skin will exfoliate and brighten. Try the Dr Alkaitis Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, which contains a powdered blend of natural exfoliating enzymes including bromelain and papain derived from pineapple and papaya, to remove dead skin cells, and powdered strawberry and blueberry to help brighten the skin.

Healthy Oils – Goe Oil contains a clever combination of 28 plant, fruit and flower oils and butters including avocado, hemp and pumpkin seed. This all-purpose skin nourishing blend is full of essential vitamins A, E, C, B, G as well as beta carotene making it ideal for summer skin.

Content Beauty and The Detox Kitchen have teamed up to bring you a delicious skin boosting brunch whilst they teach us about skin and beauty, at our Kingly street deli on Sunday July 13th. Tickets: £20: Sold Out