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26 Mar, 2020

Bodyism share their equipment free work-out

We spoke to the team at Bodyism and asked them to share with us their top tips for working out at home. Here they have shared with us 5 signature moves you can do in your own home.


The Equipment-Free Workout Your Body Will Forever Thank You For.

"Movement is medicine, not just for the body, but for the mind, too."

The beauty of this equipment-free workout is it can be done anywhere, anytime. That’s important because, at Bodyism, movement is one of our four core pillars of health that we believe should be addressed every day to create a healthy, happy body. The fewer barriers standing in the way between you and a good sweat, the better.

When we say “movement”, we’re talking about exercise, but not in the way it’s commonly spoken about today. All too often, exercise is associated with putting your body through the mill, repenting for eating too much or as a test of your tolerance to lactic-acid induced pain. Sound familiar? It doesn’t need to be.

With this five-move equipment-free workout you can exercise your body in the way it was designed, enhancing your mobility, coordination and strength without leaving you pleading for mercy.

The moves:

Below, our Performance Specialist Jen – wearing our I Am Visionary legging – demonstrates the five signature Bodyism moves we’ve combined into an equipment free workout your body will forever thank you for.

Do each move for 30 seconds, resting 30 seconds between each exercise. Repeat this circuit 3-4 times.


Why? Because it’s a full-body functional movement with a bonus cardio challenge.

How? Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees to lower into a squat, keeping your core tight, knees wide and heels on the floor. Then as you drive up to stand, press your hands overhead. Hold a water bottle in each hand for an added challenge.


Why? Because it improves your upper body posture and shoulder mobility.

How? Stand in a quarter squat with your knees bent and arms straight in front of your chest. Point your thumbs out to either side so your palms face up throughout the move, helping release tension in your chest and shoulders. Keeping your core tight and back straight, bring your arms back and out smoothly but slowly, as if pushing through treacle to help engage your muscles.


Why? Because it activates your glutes and improves hip mobility.

How? Kneel with one arm supporting your upper body and the other holding the back of your head. With the opposite leg to the hand on your head, bring your knee out to the side until it’s parallel with the floor. Pause, then return to the start. Do 15 seconds on one leg, then switch sides.


Why? Because this pilates-inspired exercise strengthens the vital deep core muscles.

How? Lying down, engage your deep core muscles by pressing your lower back into the floor. Maintaining this control of your core, raise your shoulders and legs together off the floor. Continue to breathe normally as you move your arms up and down in short pulses.


Why? Because it’s the ultimate full-body upgrade for the common plank.

How? Lie on your side with your legs stacked and weight supported by one arm. Engage your core to keep your body in alignment from head to toe. Together, raise your arm and leg. If too tough, start by just raising your arm. If too easy, hold the star position for the full 15 seconds.

Find more Bodyism-approved workouts that are kind to your body in the book, James Duigan’s Blueprint for Health, available to buy in bookshops and online here.