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02 Jan, 2024

Find Your Rhythm

Get ready to move with spirit, ease and joy this January! This year we are finding our rhythm, learning what works for us and how to move to the beat of our own drum. Discover the relationship between individualised nutrition and exercise how it can make us feel good, look good and take back control. Join the movement to find your rhythm and discover what makes you feel amazing.


This January 2024, to start you on your journey of finding your rhythm, we are offering a free series of full varied workouts hosted by our favourite fitness brands and trainers, live on our Instagram. This includes pilates, dance, yoga, strength, barre, from brands such as Heartcore and Form Studios and trainers from the likes of Ify Obanye, Louisa Drake and Rachel Kearnon, and MORE! All workouts will also be recorded and saved on our feed for you to catch up on or repeat.

Creating habits that you really do enjoy will help you keep them up for good. Which is why its so important to associate movement and nutrition with joy and not compulsion. That usually means trying new things, keeping it varied but also finding familiarity and comfort, setting goals to challenge yourself but also being kind to and intuitive with your body, finding flavour and satisfaction whilst adding maximum nutrients, sleeping and eating for more energy and fuel, looking after your mind to feed your soul.

This is the year of feeling good from the inside out. This is the year of you. And this is the year of finding communities of like-minded individuals who are also inspired and motivated to honour their bodies and find their rhythm.

The Movement Part:

See below for the full schedule of workouts hosted live on our Instagram.


Friday 5th January, 12pm: Louisa Drake - Sculpt (60 mins) @louisadrakemethod

Saturday 6th January, 8am: Helena - Barre (30 mins) @bodyzonebyhelena


Friday 12th January, 6pm: Ify Obanye - Step Dance/Shape (30 mins) @fitnesswithify

Sunday 14th January, 4pm: Gigi - Yoga (30 mins)


Friday 19th January, 12pm: Jerry from Form Studios - Strength (30 mins) @formstudiosldn

Saturday 20th January, 4pm: Rachel Kearon - Dance (30 mins) @rachelkearon_

Sunday 21st January, 6pm: Lindsay - Nutrition Q+A recording (30 mins) @studio.nourish


Tuesday 23rd January, 12pm: Kirsty - Nutrition Q+A recording (30 mins) @studio.nourish

Friday 26th January, 7.30am: Tally from Heartcore - Pilates (60 mins) @heartcorelife

The Nutrition Part

We have many different nutrition options to suit different dietary preferences and lifestyles. Here's some inspo to help you along your way in January. However, you can also take our product quiz to find out the best offering for you.

January Reset: A holistic health experience of food & gifts for a full physical and mental reset. Find our more here.

Gut Reset: 3-days of intermittent-fasting with delicious gut-friendly food & drink. Find out more here. (Advised to do with gentle movement).

Weight Management: A sustainable 20-day plan with nutrition & movement to help with weight loss. Find out more here.

Veganuary: Try our 8-day plan to fall in love with plant-based eating, including food, juices & gifts. Find out more here.

Complete Cleanse: A 3-day gentle cleanse & detoxification with a liquid-only diet of soups & juices. Find out more here. (Not advised to do alongside an active lifestyle).

Fasting: An entry into intermittent-fasting for gut health benefits with our 3-Day Reset or Soup Cleanse. Find out more here. (Advised to do with gentle movement).

Fridge Fills: Quick, healthy and balanced meals to fill your fridge & fuel your lifestyle in the long-run. Find out more here.

Flexi: Breakfast and lunch only for on-the-go, or for those who want a little more flexibility for dinner. Find out more here.

Follow us and tune into our Instagram (@thedetoxkitchen) for the live workouts and recordings.