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23 Dec, 2022

The Story Behind the Detox Kitchen x Jackson Boxer Range

Healthy meets hedonism - how Britain's best loved chef eats at home for health and pleasure.


Detox Kitchen has created a three-meal range with Jackson Boxer, based on how he eats at home. Putting plant based, seasonal produce at the forefront and celebrating vegetables on a whole new level.

Gone are the days that health comes with a compromise of taste. Jackson has taken his trademark vibrant, thoughtful, elegant style and turned it into something that is not only delicious but truly nourishing and comforting.

"Inevitably, the way I choose to cook at home is radically different from the way I cook at work, however I always apply the same principles, thinking about how I can most elegantly isolate and concentrate the core deliciousness of an ingredient, then complement it though contrast and embellishment. Most of the things I cook for the family are vegetarian, wholegrain, and pretty crunchy, largely because this is what I find most comforts and nourishes me, but also because at work I’m always playing with pretty high-octane flavours, plus a considerable amount of dairy and proteins, not to mention all the chips I snack on, that when at rest I really crave the earthy, nutty, chewy and wholesome." - Jackson.

Lily Simpson, founder of Detox Kitchen, says: “I have been a huge fan of Jackson’s cooking since I first stepped into Orasay, his bustling restaurant in the heart of Notting Hill. His food is dynamic, surprising and vivacious and I’m really excited to bring this to our customers. Jackson has created three dishes that are as comforting as they are curious, as vibrant as they are healthy. The carrot and quinoa salad has become one of my all time favourites, the combination of the Mojo Verde with the hazelnut sauce is exceptional!”

Jackson Boxer comments: “I’m so excited to be collaborating with the team at Detox, which offers a totally new way to do my favourite thing, namely cooking delicious food that makes people happy. Except this is especially pleasing, as it removes my food from the particular limitations and expectations of restaurant cookery and instead is much more in line with the food I make at home - bold, concentrated, vivid, flavour-led vegetable dishes, perfect for enjoying alone, or sharing with those you most adore. Detox Kitchen have done me the huge honour of allowing me to share a few of my favourite home dishes with them, and they with you. It was a wonderful process working with Lily and her brilliant team, and I’m absolutely blown away by how good the finished meals are, and genuinely pleased with the prospect of being able to eat my favourite home things, without necessarily needing to lift a finger!”

First we have a roasted carrot and hazelnut salad. Quinoa and heritage carrots tossed in an umami roasted hazelnut sauce, and finished with more chopped nuts and a zingy salsa verde. A celebration of vegetable elevation!

Secondly, introducing a dish of delica squash and braised cavolo nero. Rich, velvety moons of roasted miso squash, with nutty brown rice, zesty braised cavolo nero and a fresh olive & jalapeño tapenade. A reimagination of big bowls of salad that Jackson would eat with his family.

And lastly, a beetroot soup with black beans. Bringing Eastern-European with asian-like flavours to create a fresh, silky soup that tastes even more vibrant than it looks! Topped with a punchy black bean salsa made with ginger, herbs and cumin and crispy onions. A dish that speaks to bringing communities together through big bowls of warming soup.

All these dishes are available within our meal plan and 3-Day Reset menus or to purchase on our Fridge Fill page.