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08 Jun, 2023

Thomasina Miers x Detox Kitchen


Thomasina ‘Tommi’ Miers is one of the most celebrated female chefs, authors and entrepreneurs when it comes to seasonal, ethical and veg-centric cooking. She is well-known for her dishes that celebrate bold and dynamic flavours, particularly inspired by her travels in Mexico.

It was her stint in Mexico that inspired her to later open the successful line of restaurants with her business partner in London - Wahaca. She is also well known for her best-selling cookbooks, winning and judging on Masterchef, and her column in the Guardian’s Feast magazine.

Tommi’s work is propelled by a passion to make the world a better place through better food. All her dishes place biodiverse vegetables and whole foods at the centre of the plate. At the heart of her cooking is the philosophy that eating good food not only improves our health and wellbeing, but connects us to the planet and each other. In her words “Food, and the pleasure of eating together, can connect us to the millions of people who grow, gather, harvest, move, cook and sell our food … The fastest route to good health is to cook with whole ingredients; the fastest way to pleasure is to sit down and savour good food with the people you love. Let’s eat deliciously whenever and wherever possible and see mankind flourish.”

Those of you who have been around for a few years will have known that we previously joined forces with Tommi to create a collab of dishes that you all absolutely loved. So, it seemed a no-brainer to invite her to our kitchens to create a whole new range of even more vibrant, dynamic, extraordinary dishes for our new summer menu, that elevate and celebrate seasonal British produce, biodiversity, sustainability and flavour. With that, we bring you…

A Smoky, Roasted Squash Salad

Squash with cashew nut mole

With sumptuous squash, a zingy salsa, mixed peppers and a fresh, cashew nut mole, sprinkled with a little feta. Served with chicken for a protein option.

A Butter Bean and Corn Salad

Butter bean and corn salad

A sunny salad with a butter bean salsa, spiced sweet potato, corn, crunchy cucumber and radish and a chipotle tahini dressing.

A Sichuan Aubergine Salad

Sichuan Aubergine Salad

Aubergine marinated in a sichuan sauce that is salty, sweet and sour all at the same time. Combined with greens, a crunchy slaw, spring onion and herbs. Served with tempeh or blackened chicken for a protein option.

Black Bean Chilli

Black Bean Chile

A comforting classic, but with an added tang of citrus and warmth from a touch of maple syrup. Served with brown rice, coriander and a rainbow slaw. Served with turkey for a protein option.

A Mexican Salad

Mexican Salad

A zesty Mexican bowl with brown rice, charred peppers, a black bean and jalapeño salsa and a coriander chimichurri. Served with tofu or prawns for a protein option.

Tahini Noodles

Tahini Noodles

A simple, refreshing cold noodle salad with glass noodles tossed in a creamy tahini sauce and topped with crunchy vegetables, spring onion and herbs. Served with tofu or chicken for a protein option.

The dishes are available to taste across all meal plan menus, with a few featuring on our new 3-Day Reset menus too. Each meal is built with our nutritional philosophy in mind, honouring the body and mind through a nutrient-rich, balanced and anti-inflammatory diet. Order here.