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18 Feb, 2022

Why nutritional yeast may be your new favourite kitchen staple

Not to be confused with the yeast you add to bread, nutritional yeast is fast becoming a kitchen staple. Its popularity has been growing over the years, not only because of nutritional prowess and the fact thats its vegan but also because of its unique umami flavour. When following a predominantly plant-based diet, the first thing you are likely to learn is that nutritional yeast is considered equivalent to gold dust. But why?


Though its name is not its greatest asset, once we got past this, we started adding it to dishes and couldn’t stop!

Here’s why we think you should be eating more nutritional yeast:

  1. The taste is really quite delicious, mimicking that salty, umami, nutty flavour you get from mature cheeses, like parmesan. As most plant-based cheese alternatives often include ultra-processed ingredients and additives, this is your best bet for creating that well-loved cheesy flavour.
  2. Most often, it’s fortified with vitamin B12, one of few vitamins that are harder to source from vegetables. In fact, you can get a whole serving in 1 teaspoon. Not only is vitamin B12 valuable for blood cell formation and nerve function, but it can also form a connection to your brain health as it helps to produce neurotransmitters which are mood-altering. Research has shown that nutritional yeast could be a helpful nutritional substance for those suffering from depression.
  3. It can also often be fortified with zinc and folate, depending on which brand you buy.
  4. Lastly, nutritional yeast is also a great source of protein, as it contains all nine amino acids.
  5. So, a flavour-fortifier, vitamin B12-booster, and protein-powerhouse - what’s not to love?

How to use it.

The flakey texture may put you off or simply have you staring at it wondering where to even start, but its really quite easy to use. Though a sprinkling on a salad, soup or stew works wonders, here are our favourite recipes that celebrate the ‘gold dust’ that is nutritional yeast.

  1. Aubergine parmigiana. Recipe here.
Aubergine Parmigiana

2. Green pepper and pistachio risotto. Recipe here.

Green Pepper and Pistachio Risotto
    3. Squash mac and cheese. Recipe here.
    Mac and Cheese

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