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27 Oct, 2022

How a soup cleanse can heal you and your gut

Like a juice cleanse, but more comforting … Introducing our new short-term cleanse that was more tailored towards the colder months, with warming, delicious, nutrient-packed soups to compliment our organic fresh juices.


The Importance of Gut Health

The microbiome found in your gut regulates not only your gut health but your skin health, metabolic health, and brain health. There is no wonder it’s often referred to as your second brain. With this in mind, it is crucial that we take care of our gut health. We believe that if we can improve our customers' gut health, we can improve their overall health.

In our modern world there are several factors that can affect our gut health, from stress, lack of sleep and poor sleep quality, as well as our increased consumption of highly processed and sugary foods. Our soup and juice cleanse aims to counter these effects and make it easier to access food that works with your gut not against it.

Whilst we generally promote a whole foods diet, sometimes there is a need to have a deeper cleanse or reset. A proper cleanse needs nutrients that support the body’s innate detoxification systems, as well as anti-microbials that encourage a “good” gut environment. This is where soup and juices come in as they can deliver those nutrients quickly and easily, with minimal inflammation; the food avoids the process of digestion that involves whole foods, and is therefore gentler on the digestive system.

Our Soup Cleanse can be the perfect reset or healthy kickstart, built to deliver fast results whilst encouraging long-term benefits and sustained healthy habits.

The Benefits:

Soup is the ultimate comfort food, teamed with fresh juices they also come with other significant health benefits.

  • Cooked food gives your digestive system a rest, allowing it to process nutrients more efficiently.
  • Our fresh Juices and soups will flood your body with an abundance of bioavailable nutrients that can efficiently be absorbed directly into your stomach lining.
  • The high veg content also means a low glycemic scale and high fibre content which should result in regulated energy levels. The high fibre content will allow for the juices and soups to be filling and sustaining.
  • Achieve maximum diversity: 75% of the world’s food is generated from only twelve plant and five animal species. Essentially, this means that both our taste buds and our gut microbiome are missing out on so many foods. The consequence? The restricted diet is thought to starve off microbes that require a diverse nutrient supply, and may very well explain why, compared to our ancestors, our GM diversity as a population really has taken quite the hit. The more diversity in your plant-based diet, the more diverse the nutrient supply for your GM. All in all, this equates to a well-fed and diverse range of happy gut microbes, each with their own unique skillset to complement ours.
  • Our soups and juices are sure to spice up your life: spices and herbs add more polyphenols (a class of phytochemicals, which is just the sciencey name for a group of plant chemicals), whilst boosting their flavour.
  • A cleanse is effective in lifting you out of a lethargic state, providing a boost of energy, and clearing a mental block.
  • What’s more, a cleanse can be known to help with weight management through an improvement in metabolic rate.

Tips to take on after the cleanse:

Often what you put into your body after a juice cleanse can be more important than the cleanse itself. Your gut is ready to absorb all the nutrients you consume; sticking to a varied, whole-food diet will ensure that you really feel the effects in your body and your mind. Continue to ease slowly back into a lifestyle that suits you. Try to minimise your caffeine intake, as well as processed food and drinks, sugars, processed meat, gluten and dairy so as not to counteract the effects of the cleanse. If you want to reap the benefits of the cleanse for as long as possible, we recommend booking in for one of our meal plans to ensure your fridge continues to be stocked with fresh and exciting plant foods you have discovered on the cleanse. lease do contact a member of our team if you need any further advice on this.

You can order our Soup Cleanse here.