5 Steps to Reset Your Taste Buds
5 Steps to Reset Your Taste Buds
13th Feb, 2019
A comment we hear time and time again from our home delivery customers is that after finishing their detox, everything they used to eat suddenly tastes different. And they’re not imagining it. By following a few simple steps, you can actually retrain your taste buds for the better, and can notice a difference in what you crave, as well as how things taste, in just a few days.

Taste bud cells undergo continual turnover, even through adulthood, and their average lifespan has been estimated as approximately 10 days. In that time, you can actually retrain your taste buds to crave less refined foods and to really appreciate the vivacity of plant-based foods.

After eating a diet with less refined foods – think wheat, dairy and refined sugar, you will notice that if, and when, you reintroduce them to your diet, their flavour will be much more pronounced and may taste sweeter, or saltier, than they did before.

5 steps to reset your taste buds

  1. Get in the kitchen. Cooking from scratch and avoiding processed foods is the best way to have more control over your diet. You’ll immediately be cutting out the added salt, sugars, oils and preservatives used in a lot of processed and store-bought meals.

  2. Avoid wheat, dairy and refined sugars. All our food is free from these and created using only seasonal and local ingredients. While you may not have an intolerance to wheat or dairy, eating foods that are designed to work with your body, not against it, will help the natural detoxification process. Thankfully, we now have great alternatives, with a plethora of plant-based milks on the market, and good quality gluten-free oats and flour readily available.

  3. Try to reduce, or ideally eliminate, alcohol and caffeine. These both affect our blood sugar levels and it has been proven that when our blood sugar levels are more stable, we are less likely to crave high sugar foods and are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Try simple swaps like having a cup of herbal tea in place of that extra caffeinated cup and alternate a glass of water with alcoholic drinks each round.

  4. Try to eat between 5-10 portions of different coloured fruit and vegetables a day. You’ve heard this before for a reason. It really is so important that we get all the nutrients we need to ensure optimum health. Smoothies are a great way of upping your fruit and veg intake. For inspiration read our Guide to the Perfect Smoothie.

  5. Make time for breakfast. We can often go wrong with breakfast when we’re in a rush in the morning, reaching for sugary quick-fixes. But trust us, it’s worth getting up that extra 10 minutes earlier. Try to eat a breakfast that contains slow-release carbohydrates that will maintain steady energy levels, as well as a little protein, and healthy fats to help keep you feel fuller longer. We love porridge topped with nut butter, banana and a sprinkling of seeds.

Once you've followed these steps for a few weeks you will notice a difference in what you crave, having retrained your taste buds for the better. We make this even easier with our home delivery packages, delivering your meals for the entire day to your doorstep each morning. To truly reap the benefits, we recommend doing it for at least ten days, as this allows time for you to retrain your palette as well as fully detoxify the body. View our detox packages.

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