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07 Jan, 2019


Making exercise fun for everyone, no matter your level or ability, is at the heart of what Frame do. Here, they have shared with us three simple ways to get moving and incorporate more movement into your daily routine for the year ahead.


This week we're talking about movement and how to feel motivated to move more, in whatever format that might be. We spoke to the team at Frame who shared with us three simple ways to incorporate more movement into your daily routine..."When we came up with the idea for FRAME over 10 years ago, the fitness scene was a very different place. Working out was mostly associated with guilt and played off people’s insecurities around body image. We wanted to make exercise and movement fun again, for our health and sanity, if no one else's. We set out to create a place that was for everyone, no matter if you were a top athlete or hadn’t exercised since PE class at school. We wanted to slot it into our lives in and around all the other things we were doing, and most importantly we wanted to make friends and build an environment full of positive energy, where Framers would leave feeling like they could take on the world.


We often get asked, ‘What exercise should I be doing?’ and in truth the best exercise for you is the one you turn up to – and by that, we mean choose something that you actually enjoy doing if you want keep it up. Choosing something that you think is good for you but you actually dread is basically setting yourself up for failure and you’ll soon find yourself making excuses to why you can’t make time for it. If you enjoy what you’re doing it will soon become a solid part of your weekly routine.


There are SO many different ways to move your body and ALL movement counts. Adding some small habits to your daily routine can be really beneficial – like getting off the tube a few stops earlier and walking the rest of the way, always taking the stairs instead of waiting for the lift and if you’re watching TV in the evening, do the plank challenge during the ad breaks. At FRAME we believe in mixing up your routine and listening to your body, working with it and not against it is key for success. This is why we have a class to suit every mood. You can choose from Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Pilates, Barre and MumHood for pre and postnatal classes.


We believe that you can move your body to change your mood. Dance boosts mood more than any other types of exercise. In a study at the University of London, researchers assigned patients with anxiety disorders time to spend in one of four therapeutic settings: a modern-dance class, an exercise class, a music class, or a maths class. Only the dance class significantly reduced anxiety. What accounts for the emotional high dancers experience? As a general rule, moving to music activates the brain's pleasure circuits. "On a physiological and psychological level, humans like order and form, and the rhythm of dancing to music provides that satisfactory patterning," researchers have said. Even more reason to shake your booty in a Beyoncé or Music Video class this January. Make sure that you’re moving your body in a way that makes you FEEL good first and foremost, all the other benefits will follow suit.

Come get high on sweet endorphins at one of our seven London studios by using the code DETOXFRAMER. T&C’s apply, can be used once for first time Framers only to claim a free class. Use before 31st of March."

Ready to start moving your frame? Let us here at Detox Kitchen give you a boost of motivation with our Ultimate January Re-Set package. Our four week package will help you to feel your best and improve your overall wellbeing by supporting your mind, movement, sleep and nutrition with 20 days of our home delivery food and weekly gifts from our brand partners, including 3 free classes passes to any Frame classes across London. To find our more about the Vegan Ultimate Re-set Package CLICK HERE. To find our more about the Protein Ultimate Re-set Package CLICK HERE.

Here's to a healthy January and beyond.

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