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16 Jun, 2014

Crazy For Quinoa

Crazy For Quinoa: It is a powerhouse of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants and contains more of all of these things than any grain.


Crazy For Quinoa

There’s still something amazing about the look on peoples’ faces when I say “It’s quinoa”. I frequently come across people who have never tried quinoa, which means they have no idea of its amazing health benefits. In a nutshell, quinoa is a powerhouse of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants and contains more of all of these things than any grain.

You’ll get an impressive melange of a vast variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in just one small bowl of quinoa. It is a small, fibrous seed and is the only plant form considered a full protein (meaning it contains all essential amino acids, vital for producing and renewing cells in the body). Commonly mistaken for a grain, this tiny seed is capable of filling you up, without having the side effects of most grains.

Quinoa is also low in sugar, low in fat and high in protein. High-protein foods don’t spike your blood sugar and are digested slowly by the body, making you feel satisfied for longer and preventing premature cravings. Quinoa also contains Lysine, which is essential for tissue growth and repair. This ensures that your body is constantly renewing its cells, keeping you fit and healthy and in good working condition. Quinoa is less “energy dense” too, which means it has fewer calories for the volume of food. (No empty calories here).

Quinoa has a very high iron content which makes it the perfect food to start the day with. Iron helps keep red blood cells healthy and also increases brain function – meaning you’ll be more alert and more focused throughout the day. Iron also regulates body temperature and aids enzyme activity and energy metabolism, which ensures your body is working efficiently. Quinoa is also rich in magnesium which supports healthy formation of bones and teeth, detoxifies the body and aids energy production. The B2 levels in quinoa further improve metabolism within brain and muscle cells and B2 is known to support proper energy production in cells.

Quinoa is not only extremely good for you but is also incredibly versatile. It can be enjoyed hot, cold, sweet or savoury and can even be used in baking. You can blend it to create a flour to bake with, use the flake form of it in breakfasts or cakes and can even blend cooked quinoa into a batter to incorporate into pancakes, cakes or even pizza bases and breads!

Contributed post by Danielle Copperman, Founder of Qnola*

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