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06 May, 2019

Top 10 tips for going veggie

We've come up with our top 10 tips for going vegetarian. These include forward planning, enlightening documentaries and avoiding areas that smell of bacon sandwiches. Obv.


Here are our top 10 tips for going vegetarian.

1. Have your reasons.

When asked what my number one business tip is, I always say it is to have a personal goal and a business goal. It is these goals that I go back to time and time again, especially at the low points! And this applies to lifestyle choices too. Ask yourself why you want to turn vegetarian, and remind yourself of these beliefs when faced with meat.

2. Plan your meals

One of my teachers at school always used to say “Failure to prepare, is preparation to fail.” And it is so true. There are so many delicious and interesting vegetarian recipes available to us now, online and in print, that you’ll be able to plan your week’s meals without a second thought for meat.

3. Now you’re armed with your recipes, write a shopping list (without meat on it).

And once you’re in the shop, stick to your list and don’t pick up anything else!

4. Plan where you are going to go for lunch and suss out the good veggie options.

Having recently turned vegetarian myself, I have been so impressed with the vegetarian options at restaurants. No more is the vegetarian option a single soggy plate of lettuce leaves. Chefs and restaurants are paying much more attention to the versatility, and huge appeal, of the humble veggie. Oh, and did I mention all of our salads at the delis are vegetarian?

5. Get your whole office on board.

It’s a cliché, but it is so much easier to motivate yourself to do something if it is with others. So get your colleagues/housemates/husband or wife on board and take a stand together. What’s that, you’re all going to Nandos? No thanks, we’d rather enjoy our delicious aubergine tempura burgers with pickled red onion and tzatziki whilst simultaneously saving the planet.

6. Make it fun…

Discover new recipes and experiment with ingredients you wouldn’t normally have gone for. Since turning vegetarian I've had a huge amount of fun tricking my husband into eating Vegetarian food, we’ve made burgers and curries, stews and huge bowls of grain salads. We’ve made banana ice-cream, coconut custard and our very own nut butters. We are cooking with more vegetables, herbs and spices and surprisingly no one in the family is missing meat.

7. Watch Carnage on iPlayer.

The final catalyst for my becoming vegetarian.

8. Make sure you get the energy balance right to match your daily needs.

Include energy-dense foods in your diet, such as nuts, seeds, avocados, oils and dried fruits, all of which also offer vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that will help you to feel well and maintain a healthy weight.

9. Avoid areas that smell of bacon sandwiches. Obv.

10. Consider supplementing.

Vitamin B12, iron, zinc and calcium are four essential nutrients that are commonly found in foods of animal origin and as such can often be lacking in a plant-based diet. You might want to consider taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement to make sure you get all the micronutrients required to support good health and well-being.