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01 Aug, 2022

A Masterclass in Metabolism with The Nue Co

Metabolism: a hot topic when it comes to food and nutrition. We sit down with The Nue Co to understand what impacts our metabolism and how we can improve it through food and supplements.


How does stress impact your metabolism?

When we’re stressed our bodies crave sugar, as that hit of sweetness triggers the release of serotonin which helps us to feel calm and relaxed. We are hardwired to crave sweet foods - our brain feeds off glucose - it’s a fast source of energy. When we eat sweet foods, or sugar, it triggers our mesolimbic dopamine system, our brain’s “reward system”, which makes us feel good. Studies have shown that a diet high in sugar (i.e. a stressed out diet) actually decreases the metabolization of serotonin in the body. Simply put, the more stressed we get, the more we crave sugar which is having a knock-on effect on our serotonin levels.

Can you improve your metabolism through what you eat? Or is it just to do with how much you move?

Yes, food impacts our metabolic rate. High levels of sugar or refined foods in our diets have been found to actually lower our bodies metabolic rate. Breaking down or metabolizing food requires energy, which is referred to as the thermic effect of food (TEF). Processed food requires less energy from your body to digest because it's high in refined ingredients, meaning you are expending less metabolic energy.

How can we do this through food and supplements?

To improve your resting metabolic rate, we focus on how to stabilize our blood sugar levels and reduce your sugar cravings, whilst managing stress, which as mentioned is often a trigger for reaching for sweet treats.. Key ingredients in food have been shown to help control blood glucose levels, helping to minimize insulin spikes that result from an unbalanced meal. For example, Traditional Ayurvedic like Veld Grape extract have been shown to improve fasting blood sugar levels and can even support the reduction of “bad” cholesterol in the body. Cayenne, cinnamon and green coffee beans also help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Our Metabolism formula is designed to help reduce sugar cravings alongside boosting your body’s baseline metabolic rate. Cayenne Pepper and Cinnamon both contain properties which increase feelings of satiety (fullness) and reduce sugar cravings. Cinnamon has also been shown to control blood glucose levels, helping minimise insulin spikes that result after an unbalanced meal.

Does your metabolism change with age?

As we get older, our bodies naturally decrease in muscle mass while the amount of fat stored increases, which in turn slows down our baseline metabolic rate. This can result in a range of issues from constipation and fatigue to headaches, brittle nails and stress-induced sugar cravings.

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