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09 Jan, 2024

Detoxifying the word 'Detox'

When it comes to the word ‘detox’, there are many misconceptions. The word itself has often been hijacked by the promise of quick fixes and fad-driven commercial ventures including products that promise to rid the body of all toxins. The term has become synonymous with notions of deprivation, restriction and unsustainable solutions. At Detox Kitchen, we aim to revolutionise this narrative.


The truth is that no external product or overnight remedy can outperform the intricate (and very sophisticated) detoxification processes of the human body. Vital organs such as the liver, gut and skin work tirelessly to keep us in prime condition. But with increased pollution, frenetic lifestyles and diets high in processed foods, it has become even more important to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies, and to give them a break from the things that can cause unnecessary stress.

Our ethos at Detox Kitchen is to align with the natural process of detoxification (learn more about this process here), by focusing not on elimination but on nourishment, through foods that support the body, rather than work against it.

On the whole, women navigate more complex relationships with their bodies throughout the course of their lifetime, compounded by multifaceted changes, experienced throughout various life phases, from the flux of the menstrual cycle to the transformative stages of pregnancy and menopause. These bodily transitions can lead women to form complicated connections to our bodies that change overtime. Often, these changes can induce low mood, stress, irritability, and heightened anxiety, exacerbated by societal expectations to look and feel a certain way.

These fluctuations can trigger cycles of restrictive eating or habitual consumption of foods that don't nourish the body or mind. This is why at Detox Kitchen, we place emphasis on a more holistic approach to nutrition that incorporates whole food ingredients, balanced macronutrients, and portions designed to provide complete nourishment and sustained energy levels. Whilst doing so, we ensure that every bite is not only nutritious but also a source of enjoyment, fostering and nurturing a positive relationship with food.

By acknowledging the complexities women face due to changes in body, and societal pressures, and understanding the truth that no overnight product can rid the body of all its toxins, our focus remains on providing delicious sustenance, not only for the body, but also for the mind. To support, uplift and empower women through every phase of their journey.

Our 20-day Ultimate Reset gives you the chance to experience just that. Our 20-day plan provides the commitment to experiencing real benefits and long term change, giving you the true mind and body transformation that you have been searching for.

What you will receive with the Ultimate Reset:

  • 20 days (4 weeks) of a meal plan offering
  • 2 calorie brackets to choose from
  • 3 x meals per day
  • 2 x snacks, 1 x organic, cold-pressed juice and 1 x health shot
  • A bundle of premium wellness gifts, representing the 4 pillars of nutrition, movement mind and sleep worth £400
  • A bespoke wellness guide
  • A transitional offer for your next plan

Find out more on The Ultimate Reset here.

Sophie Dillon, Head of Nutrition at Detox Kitchen.