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07 Apr, 2021

Exploring Aromachlogy and How Essential Oils Affect Performance with Anatome

We've partnered with Anatomē on our Spring Equitox programme, that focuses on the transformative link between food, energy and movement. Here, they share how their essential oils, which are included amongst the gifts on the programme, can be used to boost our mental and physical wellbeing.


The science of aromachology, which studies the impact of scents on mood and cognitive functions, has gained traction over the past few years and studies have shown that certain scents have positive impacts on the body and mind.

Aromachologists are constantly discovering new ways smells impact our mental and physical health, and clinical research into the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes can really help to support brain cognitive function and boost energy low levels in the body. Any time we smell something, especially in natural fragrances like essential oils, we inhale volatile particles called esters. These chemicals are what gives food flavours and allows us to smell different aromas. The sense of smell, like taste, comes from specialised sensory cells found in a small patch of tissue inside the nose (olfactory bulb) and your brain (the limbic system).

It’s quite common to feel tired, have low energy and be unable to concentrate at some point in your day especially whilst working from home or after an intensive workout. Our Focus + Concentration oil has been designed to optimise the mind’s ability to concentrate, relieve tiredness and boost cognitive performance. Combining natural stimulants which have been clinically proven to enhance brain function, reaction time and working memory as well as a zingy and invigorating scent help to revive the body and give it a little boost anytime of the day.

Key ingredients in the anatome Energy + Strength oil:

  • Indian Ginger - clinically proven to enhance brain function, reaction time and working memory.
  • Cinnamon - boosts memory and cognitive performance and memory.
  • Frankincense - rich in terpenes, helps to decrease stress and clear cluttered thoughts
  • May Chang - has uplifting and relaxing properties to help clear the mind and its refreshing scent helps relieve anxiety.
  • Peppermint - increases alertness and mental clarity.
  • Grapefruit - assists in reducing blood pressure and stress levels

How to use essential oils:

While the most common way to use essential oils is to inhale them, applying them to the skin has many advantages, including benefits for the skin and boosting wellbeing effects of the oils through the stimulation of sensory points on the body.

  1. Apply to key sensory points. We suggest applying 2 drops to key sensory points, massage into the skin and inhale with a few deep breaths. The diagram indicates the sensory points most relevant to this oil, and have been carefully chosen for maximum therapeutic benefits.
  2. Scent your personal space. Place a few drops in a diffuser and fine mist your room with this zingy aromatic scent especially whilst working.
  3. In a warm bath. Try adding 3-5 full pipettes of your chosen oil into your bath and relax into the aroma.

Key Benefits:

  • SHARPENS your concentration and rebalance your mind
  • STIMULATES circulation to optimise your cognitive performance
  • FOCUSES the mind on tasks with energy, stamina and clear thought

anatomē is driven by a simple belief that nutritional and emotional balance is the key to a healthy, fulfilling life and that a healthy, nourished body will support a healthy mind.

For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram @anatomelondon.

Anatomē are partners of our new Spring Equitox Programme which is a 2-week programme designed to help you discover & appreciate the transformative effect nourishing food and movement has on the body and mind. With daily healthy food deliveries from us, with supporting gifts from our favourite brands (including the above mentioned Energy & Strength essential oil!). Find out more here.