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26 Jul, 2022

How to balance your alcohol intake with Pentire

We talk to Pentire about the physical and mental health benefits of reducing your alcohol intake and discover the wonders of their non-alcoholic spirit alternative.


What do you mean by drink for tomorrow?

We founded Pentire on a love for active outdoor living and alcohol doesn’t really mix well with that. We’re an active bunch who get excited by being in natural environments and doing the things that make us feel good (like surfing, running, cycling, yoga etc) and drink for tomorrow is this simple idea that you can still enjoy that wind down moment with friends without drinking alcohol. Pentire is basically just a healthy drinking choice for those moments with delicious coastal flavours that are pretty different to anything else out there.

What are the physical health benefits of reducing your intake of alcohol?

There are a whole bunch of health benefits linked to cutting down alcohol intake like better heart health, lower blood sugar and reduced risk of certain illnesses. For us, the most exciting perks are the things that make us feel and perform at our best day-to-day like improved sleep, mood and concentration and more energy. Waking with a clear mind and rested body is key to getting out there and making the most of the day ahead.

And the possible benefits on mental health?

For us, keeping active is one of the key things for a healthy and clear mind and I think everything is basically interlinked when it comes to wellbeing. If you’re waking up feeling low in mood and energy, you’re probably less likely to get outside and be active. There’s a bunch of research that shows alcohol can make stress and anxiety worse and waking up with a cloudy mind just makes you feel pretty rubbish.

What are the possible health benefits of the specific ingredients you use in your drinks?

We are mostly using sea herbs, which taste incredible but have a whole bunch of health benefits too, especially as they’re distilled as whole plants and not as dried botanicals. In Adrift, one of our key botanicals is Rock Samphire, which is rich in Vitamin C, E and K. The Samphire is coupled with notes of citrus, sage and sea salt for this rounded herbal finish with a really unique coastal flavour profile. In Seaward, the lead ingredient is Pink Grapefruit which is infamously rich in Vitamin C. It’s actually been used by sailors for generations to strengthen their immune systems when at sea for big lengths of time. The Pentire plant blend and wild Seaweed also contain properties that aid health, sleep, circulation and recovery. Both Seaward and Adrift are low in calories, free from sugar and 100% plant based which is cool too.

What do you suggest as a healthy, natural alternative mixer to mix your spirits with?

There are heaps of serve recipes on our website for people to try but our signature serve is a Pentire and Light tonic because it’s super easy to make and tastes amazing. One of my favourite Summer recipes is a Pentire Sea Spritz, which uses fresh grapefruit juice, honey and soda water for a really refreshing drink.