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02 Jan, 2024

How to build healthy habits that last

This year, don't feel swamped by the usual January pressures to do this, do that and go, go, go. Of course, we encourage building healthy habits and if you've let that go towards the end of last year, the New Year brings the perfect opportunity to reset and reconnect with what makes you feel good again. Create those habits around on what feels right and satisfying, instead of restrictive or controlling. Start small and simple and be kind to yourself, because there is no such thing as a 'quick fix'. The most effective results will be felt in the long-term, and it is the small, simple and joyful things that are the most sustainable. Once you have created your simple routine, you will start to feel that you choose to do these things because you want to not because you feel you need to. And there your habits form!


As mentioned, the habits you build are up to you, there is no one-size. However, here's our 6 inspirational & simple healthy habits that should have you feeling amazing and really last!

  1. Discover nutrition without compromise. As the saying goes, the gut is the new brain and food is medicine. Which is why it's so important to start your health journey with your diet. Make it as simple as no ultra processed ingredients, mostly anti-inflammatory foods, half a plate of veg, 5+ varieties of plant foods. Embrace abundance in the form of plants, which you’ll soon find deliver true flavour and satisfaction, as well as nutrients.
  2. Discover the power of plants. Feel transformed inside and out by plant-based nutrition, whilst forming healthy habits in 8 days with our Plant Plan.
  3. Find Your Rhythm. Move for your body and your mind. Feel lighter, brighter and more energised when you’re moving in a way that feels good. Whether it's fast, slow, groovy, controlled, in the gym, studio, bedroom or the park. Try it all! Then discover what feels good and what doesn’t, as this type of movement is the one you will keep up with and be the most effective. Discover your thing with our ‘Find Your Rhythm’ series in January. We will be hosting a medley of varied workouts with our favourite fitness brands and trainers for you to try for free on our Instagram! Tune into @thedetoxkitchen for the full schedule and live recordings each week in January.
  4. Sleep More. Length is important of course, but modern clinical studies have found that it is the quality of your sleep that really makes a difference. Plus some of us simply don’t have the opportunity for a consistent 8 hours. Try and eliminate or reduce your sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake if you struggle with sleep. Focussing on your nutrition to balance your blood sugar levels, your movement to balance your energy and your mind to reduce stress will help your quality of sleep, and vice versa. Our Ultimate Reset also includes our favourite premium sleep products to help improve your sleep, such as Dreem Distillery’s CBD Bed Balm and Spritz Wellness’s weighted lavender eye mask.
  5. Breathe More. Sometimes meditation can be as simple as stopping what you are doing and focus on doing big breaths, breathing in for 8, holding for 8, releasing for 8. As you dedicate this time to your breath, you are forced to be in the present. Thoughts may come in and be let go. 5 minutes can do wonders.
  6. Laugh more. Laughing starts in the frontal lobe of your brain. It releases endorphins, those feel good chemicals that do just that. And you’re engaging those tummy muscles too for a good workout! Whether the laughter is induced or natural, try and laugh once a day or create that atmosphere for laughter whenever you can.

Examples of small, simpler, everyday habits:

  • 5 minutes of meditation or breathwork every day, building up to a minute longer once a week every week.
  • Half a plate of vegetables for every meal, with 3-5 different varieties of veg on each plate.
  • Exercise in two different ways each week.
  • Walk for 30-60 mins every day.
  • Cooking a new plant based recipe every week, getting to know flavours and how to create real taste with plants.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake to one drink a week.
  • A cold shower in the morning every other day.
  • Swap your daily supermarket snack to a homemade snack.

We can take care of a lot of the heavy load, by providing fresh, delicious nutrient-rich meals, portioned to meet your dietary requirements. This will get you acquainted with what food is best for you, as well as true flavours that spark joy around healthy eating. Discover our offering here.