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02 Feb, 2022

How to eat more than 30 plant varieties a week

There is significant emerging literature that suggests eating a variety of plant based foods is effective in promoting a diverse ecosystem of beneficial bacteria to support both human gut microbiome and overall health. Some literature goes so far as to suggest that we should be aiming to eat over 30 different types of plants per week.


With this in mind, we thought we'd help you with some tips on how to incorporate more plants into your day.

  1. Breakfast: Oats, fruit, nuts, seeds and plant based are a good place to start but how about alternating between savoury and sweet days to include even more diversity before you've even left the house. Try mixing it up with some of these ideas: chickpea pancakes with avocado and fresh herbs, rye bread with tomatoes and hummus, seeded toast topped with almond butter. A smoothie is another great way to improve your plant intake. A favourite of mine is avocado, spinach, oat milk, filtered water, half a banana and a pinch of cinnamon.
  2. Lunch is a time to pile your plate with energising food that will sustain you until dinner. One great way to up your diversity is to combine two meals, go for a salad and a dal or a vegetable soup and a sandwich filled with veggies. Plus the more sides you add the better. Carrots with hummus as a little starter and some cut fruit with yogurt as a pudding - it's the perfect excuse for a three course lunch every day!
  3. At dinner time, especially during the week, we're often looking for something fast and easy. Enter one-pot-cooking or tray-bakes - the easiest way to get variety into your diet without having to do much in the kitchen. Load a lined baking tray with onions, garlic, new potatoes, three other vegetables (I like the combo of cherry tomatoes, squash and celeriac), then add in a beans or chickpeas and some herbs and spices. Drizzle with olive oil or serve with a homemade dressing (another great way to get plant varieties into your diet, think basil and spinach pesto made with nuts and seeds).
  4. Snacking is another perfect opportunity to up your plant variety, whether it's a handful of nuts, some roasted chickpeas, butterbeans tossed in pesto, crudités with a bean based dip or simply some leftover roasted veggies from last night's dinner. Trying to be more adventurous with your snacking and moving away from convenience based snacks will undoubtedly be more nutritionally beneficial.
  5. Shopping right is really the key to you eating right, because - without stating the obvious - if you don't buy it, you most likely won't eat it! We are all different and likely to shop differently but actually, shopping at a variety of places will help with eating different varieties of food. Going to your supermarket for your essentials and then heading to your local veg shop for your fruit and veg, then maybe searching for some interesting new items at a local international store or organic store for a few premium items will help fill your cupboards, fridge and tummy with variety!

Every dish we create takes diversity into account. All our dishes have over 5 plant varieties in them and most of them have 7+. So in only six meals you're covering your quota. Find out more about and book in your delivery here.