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06 Jan, 2020

It's 2020, Let's Resolve to Drink More Water

This year, why not resolve to drink more water? With these top tips from S'well, hydration has never been so easy.


At the start of a new year many of us choose lofty and unrealistic resolutions, and while we have the best of intentions, we tend to regress into our old habits within weeks. This year, why not add in a resolution that is slightly easier to maintain? Drink more water. Hydrating yourself has endless benefits: mental clarity, increased energy, clearer skin, a potentially faster metabolism...the list goes on. With so much to gain, it’s one of the easiest ways to elevate your health and wellness game this year, so why not give it a try?

We may be biased at S’well, but we’re all pretty good at our hydration routine. It doesn’t hurt that we always have a few bottles near us at any given time. It’s constantly top-of-mind for us and an unexpected wellness perk of our job. In 2020, we want to help you resolve to drink more water, so we’re sharing our team’s top tips to get you started in the New Year:

Carry a reusable bottle with you

When you’re sitting at your desk or in a meeting, it’s much easier for you to remember to drink up when it’s right in front of you (we know from experience)! With so many styles and sizes available, choose one that speaks to you and gets you excited to bring it with you throughout your day.

Establish a routine

Aim to drink a glass of water when you wake up every morning. Make a mid-afternoon appointment with yourself at the water cooler. Set calendar reminders. Soon enough, you won’t even need that nudge to take a sip.

Add Flavour

Throw in some lemon. Infuse it with some fruit. Go ahead and make it fancy with all the fixings. If plain water just truly isn’t your thing, give sparkling water a try.

Track Your Progress

There are several apps you can download today to track your water intake. Download your favorite and set a daily, weekly and/or monthly goal.

Now go fill up your bottle and get to work! You’ve got this!


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