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07 Jan, 2020

Piglet's top 5 sleep tips

We all know we should be sleeping more. But that's easier said then done. Here Piglet in Bed share their top 5 tips for creating the ultimate sleep space to make it that little bit easier to drift off (and stay off).


We love bedtime. Especially in winter, when everything becomes slower, calmer, cosier and bedtime comes that little bit earlier. At Piglet, we often get asked about the perfect bedtime routine and we believe a replenishing night’s sleep starts with a comfortable and cocooning environment. Here are our 5 top tips for creating the ultimate sleep space.

So fresh and so clean

Cluttered surroundings can lead to anxiety. Going to sleep with your mind whirring about how annoying that stack of laundry/paperwork/books you will 100% not have time to read this month will not put your mind in good stead for relaxation. So put those piles of folded laundry away, put your bookshelves in order and streamline your bedside table. Having a beautifully arranged bedroom promotes calm, allows the mind to switch off more easily and saves valuable minutes in the morning too.

All of the lights

Turn them off and block them out. That means daylight and lamps but also screens. Many sleep studies show that blacking out your bedroom with blinds or a natural fibre sleep mask and keeping devices on lock down reduces the amount of micro-awakenings that can impact the overall quality of our sleep. Shutting out that early morning light also allows you to control the amount of sleep you get- a perfect excuse for a weekend lie-in!

The Bed

Obviously this is an essential part! Investing in a good quality mattress and natural bedding is something you will not regret- after all, we do spend 8 hours a day in bed so we might as well make it feel like a nest made of clouds. Our linen bedding is designed to get softer with use so will keep you wrapped in cosiness for years to come.

Keep your cool

The right temperature is super important to allow the body to rest deeply whilst you get your triple z’s. You’re looking for the Goldilocks sweet spot; not too cold and not too hot- although cooler is better. No one wants to feel like a baked potato during slumber. Linen is perfect for this. It’s long, natural fibres whisk away moisture from the body keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter and perfectly un-clammy in all seasons.

Smells like teen spirit

Or rather, the opposite of that! We musn’t neglect our sense of smell when it comes to our nightly unwind. Since our great, great granny’s time, essential oils have been used to aid relaxation, clear the mind and generally make things more tolerable by making them smell pretty and this can easily be applied in the bedroom. A warm bath laced with bubbles, fresh wind-dried sheets and candles are all great ways to go about it. Our Room & Pillow Mist is a wonderfully calming blend of lavender, chamomile and frankincense. Mist liberally onto your linens , breathe in and drift off.


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