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14 Feb, 2024

The power of pilates with Heartcore

If you want the best kind of movement for a long and lithe body, if you want to feel strong, centred and balanced from the inside out, and if you care about a calm mind and a strong heart, then allow us to introduce you to the leaders of mindful movement, Heartcore. Build your strength from the inside out with Heartcore's tips and transformative take on Dynamic Pilates.


Heartcore founder Jessie Blum has developed a unique workout that blends the principles of Pilates with the wisdom of yoga and the joy of free movement. Reaching every muscle in the body - including the heart - Heartcore devotees swear by its transformational Method. You leave feeling two inches taller, with tangible benefits around posture, flexibility, alignment and strength.

At the core of the workout is Dynamic Pilates, practised either on the mat or in studio on Heartcore’s bespoke Coreformer equipment. A low impact, resistance based method first popularised by founder Joseph Pilates in 1926 New York, Dynamic Pilates was originally intended as a rehabilitation exercise. Over time, understanding of the science behind resistance based movement has evolved - as has the teaching. Recent studies have shown remarkable results in sculpting lean, lithe bodies that are structurally and functionally strong, with impressive abs. The practice is now recommended by physiotherapists and doctors for everyone from professional athletes to pre and post natal mothers.

The Heartcore Method encompasses a series of over 200 customised movements. “The goal is to challenge the body in all the possible planes, with all the different joints that are available to us,” says Jessie. The Heartcore Method champions mental acuity and self care, promoting focus and concentration through the power of conscious movement. Just as healthy, nutritious food focuses on the inside out, Heartcore uses the power of the mind to light up your body. “After a Heartcore class you will feel like a new person: balanced, calm, present, empowered and strong,” says Jessie.

If you are looking to build on the good work you are doing with your nutrition, and want to increase strength, flexibility and performance in one hit, then join us for an introductory Heartcore class. We have partnered with Heartcore on our Ultimate Reset, who are offering 3 complimentary mat classes in the gift bag that you'll receive with the first day of your programme. Otherwise, you can try Heartcore's 3 for £45 Heartcore On the Mat welcome offer here.

Low Lunge with Hamstring stretch - an incredible hip opening, hamstring and lower back stretching exercise. Great for balance and spinal articulation.

  1. Stretch one leg behind and placing the other one in front with the knee bent at 90 degrees and foot on the floor. Keep the hips low and level with each other.
  2. As you inhale, engage your lower belly and lift your chest away from the thigh, sweeping your arms up alongside your ears. Focus on the lift towards the sky. Avoid any backbend by engaging your glutes and keeping your kneeling leg level with your hips.
  3. Hold the extension for a moment. On your exhale, lower your body over your front leg as you frame your front foot with your hands and extend the front leg into a hamstring stretch.
  4. Let your hips sink back and aim to keep them aligned.
  5. Let your toes flip up to the sky for a deeper stretch through the back and hamstring. Hold for a few moments before you move back into your low lunge.