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11 Jan, 2024

Tips for Dry January with Mahala Botanicals

Okay so you are two weeks into Dry Jan and things are going ok. Here's why you should try your hardest to keep it up!


The Health Benefits of Being Sober for 30 Days

  • Just four weeks without a drink can be enough to start lowering both blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Your risk of type 2 diabetes has already started to reduce (in one study insulin resistance came down by an average of 28 per cent) and your cholesterol levels should be starting to lower within 4 weeks. Alcohol reduces the production of anti-diuretic hormone, so you lose water and sodium more quickly.
  • A low tissue water content, courtesy of your daily tipple, is the sworn enemy of soft, plump, peachy skin. As if that wasn’t enough, a few weeks (eg 4!) off the sauce should see the size of facial pores diminish too
  • What's more, alcohol intake usually causes disruptions later while you are sleeping as liver enzymes metabolize alcohol. Its shown that even just a glass or two of alcohol can reduce sleep quality by 9% and moderate amounts by 24%. Therefore, a sober lifestyle = a fresher start, more energy and more motivation!
  • Alcohol is inflammatory, so any abstinence from alcohol is likely to help build your gut microbiome

    How do you stay motivated as you head towards the second weekend of January?

    Well, instead of thinking about what you’re missing out on why not think about all the great gains to not drinking alcohol. They are numerous but here are some good ones!

    1. Feeling fresh and energetic and not too tired to go to the gym or on an extra long walk
    2. Re-framing your relationship with alcohol and giving your liver a break after a period of possible over-indulgence
    3. Getting to do other activities that you’d ‘forgotten’ about such as going to the theatre or the cinema
    4. Discovering the wonderful alcohol-free alternatives that are now on the market and readily available in retail outlets, online, in bars and in restaurants

    Tips on what to do when you otherwise would have an alcoholic drink:

    • Take a moment (or an hour) to cook a delicious, nourishing meal in a leisurely manner (food can often satisfy any cravings)
    • Pair your meal with a delicious Mahala cocktail. For example, try Mahala's 'The Bee's Knees':
      • Ingredients: 50ml Mahala Botanical Honey 150ml Premium sparkling water Orange
      • Method: 50ml Mahala over ice mixed with honey and topped with premium sparkling water garnished with orange
    • Have a long, peaceful bath
    • Meditate for 10 minutes to shift the focus and evoke calm
    • Read a book to engage in other things

    Mahala Botanical is also full of ingredients that not only taste delicious but have medicinal properties that have functional properties. Buchu grown only in the Western Cape is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is often used as a natural remedy for IBS, stomach issues and UTI’s. Honeybush aids digestion and is rich in polyphenols which are natural antioxidants which often help lower blood sugar levels.

    The great thing about Mahala Botanical is that there is zero sugar, zero calories and its also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. And,the best thing is it actually tastes SO GOOD!

    Try a free full size bottle of Mahala's Original Botanical spirit included in our Ultimate Reset, a 20-day programme for total transformation and a seasonal holistic cleanse.